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Kids dressed up as Lord Ganesha

Here's a list of ten simple and fun games, your kids and their friends can play on Ganesh Chaturthi.

1. Spelling Gee

Tell the kids the names of Lord Ganesha and ask them to spell the name correctly without making mistakes.

2. Guessing the Gods

Instruct the kids to show facial expressions, bodily gestures, a little bit of mono-acting and ask the other kids to guess the name of the character’s identity that was portrayed.

3. List them out before the time runs out!

Give the kids a pencil and paper and instruct them to write the maximum number of names they can think of Lord Ganesha within 1 minute. Set up a timer in front of them to make it more thrilling. Do give them time to prepare.

4. Who wants to be a Ganeshionanire?

Round 1: The game includes telling them 1 name and 4 options giving the possible literal definitions of the name. They should pick the right option to score points

Round 2: Tell the kids one of the names of Lord Ganesha and ask them what the name means literally or give the literal definition of the name.

Round 3: Give the definitions and ask them to say the name out loud.

5. Cosplay Club

Tell the kids to dress up as Lord Ganesha in the coolest way as possible. Do provide the basic necessary materials to form the traits of Lord Ganesha. Leave the rest to them. Players could say some catchphrases while presenting their avatars.

6. Art Around

Provide the kids with color pencils, crayons, paintbrushes, watercolors, papers, and other stationary items and tell them to draw their most artistic and beautiful version of Lord Ganesha.

7. Clay Way

Provide kids with clay and tell them to create colorful clay models of Lord Ganesha in different poses. And yes tell them that eyes are compulsory.

8. Modak Mountain

Provide all the freshly prepared modaks to the kids and tell them to stack them all up on a plate. The team who stacks the most modaks into a conical shape on the plate without letting them fall is the winner.

9. The Signature Pose

This one is a challenge. The players have to pose in the iconic pose of Lord Ganesha with only one foot touching the ground. And then provide the challenger with four items held by Lord Ganesha. The challenge is to hold these things with both arms while balancing on one foot. The winner is the one who covers the maximum number of time.

10. Music Maestro

Combining the elements of the game Antakshiri and Acapella, teams should be formed and they should be able to sing a rendition of their favorite Bollywood Ganesh Chaturthi songs. Example the 1st member can sing, the 2nd member can create drum-like sounds, the 3rd member can create the more unique sounding sounds, 4th and 5th members could chant, 6th and 7th could say the dialogues in the song and the rest of them could sing in the chorus of the song loudly.

The team with the best composition is the winner.