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  • your open eyes to see my closed eyes..!"

      The most hurting line of a friend:

      "If u leave me, I promise u wil come back once,

      wit your open eyes to see my closed eyes.. !"

      ash 9846 16 45 23

    • Good Vision and Clarity again!

        Sometimes, God fills Our eyes with tears.

        Perhaps, He makes our eyes washed so that, We couldd see Life with a Good Vision and Clarity again!!

        ajeeshkpz@gmail. com

      • IN MY Next birth I am UR ________?

          IN MY Next birth I am UR ________












          Wats ur wish.

          4rwrd this 2 ur frndz and get shocking ans Reply me 1st

          ash 9846 16 45 23

        • Awesome Lines

            Awesome Lines Said By A Broken Heart.

            "Im Proud of My Heart.. You Know why..

            It Has Been Played, Loved, burned & Broken,

            But Somehow Still Works.

          • Lovely times of our life

              Lovely times of our life will not return back 4ever. Bt the lovely relation & the missing memories of friends will stay in the heart 4EVER

            • friends and blood ..,

                Frnds And Blood Have Only One Diffrence.. Blood Enters The Heart& Flows Out.. But Frnd Enters The Heart And Stays Forever..

                How r u dr friends

                Facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

              • athmarthadayulla hridayathil

                  Aazhamulla jalasayathil thazhnu pokatha onnanu thamara. enkil athmarthadayulla hridayathil ninnum orikkalum maanju pokatha onnanu FRIENDSHIP

                  facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

                • Success also hurts

                    Success also hurts when u dont have a Loved 1 to Wish u..:-)
                    Faliure also looks Beautiful,when u have a Loved 1 to Support u..:-D


                  • Life is nt abt knowin a lot of peple.

                      Life is nt abt knowin a lot of peple.
                      It's nt abt hvng evry1 care 4 u.
                      Its simply having ur own small set of crazy peopl who r truly urs..

                    • "Silence speaks a lot,

                        "Silence speaks a lot, but some times words cannot...
                        so dont be sad when i dont call or msg u...
                        bcoz my silence says that...
                        i miss u a lot..."ash


                      • Life is like a Book

                          Life is like a Book. Each day a new page with adventures to experience, lessons to learn & good deeds to replicate!


                        • bestattitude for living


                            Best attitude for living:

                            'My Pain May Be The Reason For Somebody's Laugh,

                            But My Laugh Must Never Be The Reason For Somebody's Pain'... ash

                            Fb. com/ajeeshkpz

                            Fb. com/ahsms

                          • good relation with all,,,

                              To have Good Relations with All...
                              We should keep our nature like a Theatre Screen!
                              It accept all characters!
                              Remains Peacefully 'WHITE'


                                RëmëmBër mE liKë a DëädflOwër iN yöuR nOtë Böök!
                                It mAy nOt häVë änY fräGräncë!
                                WiLl rëmiNd yOü öF mY eXistëncë iN yöuR Lifë fOrëvër.
                                take care!:-)

                              • hii.friends,,..

                                  Life is not a rehearsal
                                  Each day is a real show..
                                  No retakes..
                                  No rewinding...
                                  So give d best perfomance in all ur roles..

                                • u r special..,,

                                    U r special in my life, believs never go away.. Ï know ü walk beside me forevr
                                    unseen,unheard.. Still near, still special and still missed...ash


                                  • its not your mistake

                                      Its not your mistake when you can't read the eyes which cheats you!
                                      Its really your mistake if can't read the eyes which truely cares you!!

                                    • the serch for happiness

                                        "The search for happiness is the main reason for Unhappiness..
                                        Accept the life in the way it comes. YOU will find happiness in every moment."


                                      • cute and beauty

                                          Cute and Beauty Lines:
                                          "Comparison is the best way to judge ur progress...
                                          But not with others, compare ur yesterday with ur today!"

                                        • Happiness" is more important than "Smile

                                            "Happiness" is more important than "Smile..."
                                            "Smile" comes from "Lips..."
                                            "Happiness" comes from "Heart..."
                                            Be Happy Forever....!!


                                          • "Tensiøn is the poisø

                                              "Tensiøn is the poisøn øf the ambitiøn. !Sø dønt take møre tensiøn, Hav full attentiøn øn yøur ambitiøn, øne day yøu will be in a Gøød pøsitiøn".

                                              by ajeesh kadampuzha

                                              ajeeshkpz@gmail. com

                                            • A BEAUTIFUL AND TRUE THOUGHT:


                                                A BEAUTIFUL AND TRUE THOUGHT:

                                                Your Respect Is Not In The Words Spoken To You In Your Presence...


                                                Words Spoken For You In Your Absence... !!

                                                Facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

                                                Fb. com/ahsms

                                              • Everytime I Hear My SMS Tone,

                                                  Everytime I Hear My SMS Tone,
                                                  I Always Hope One Of Them Is From You!
                                                  My Phone May Have Limited Memory Space!
                                                  But, My Heart Has Unlimited Space For <U>.!:-)


                                                    Words fall short whenever I want to tell you da how special you are to me!
                                                    But... all I can say is that my world is full of smiles having You as my special ever!!ash

                                                  • DistanCe öf sömE peRsöns

                                                      DistanCe öf sömE peRsöns maY diSturb yöU...!
                                                      It tElls Yöu höW mUch tHey aRe cLöse tö yöuR hEart...!

                                                    • hii friend......,,,,

                                                        A Friend says,

                                                        "I Will be with you in all your troubles "..... But a Best Friend says,

                                                        "You will have no troubles when I'am with You ". by. a. s. h

                                                        facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

                                                      • RëmëmBër mE liKë a DëädflOwër

                                                          RëmëmBër mE liKë a DëädflOwër iN yöuR nOtë Böök!

                                                          It mAy nOt häVë änY fräGräncë!


                                                          WiLl rëmiNd yOü öF mY eXistëncë iN yöuR Lifë fOrëvër... !


                                                          facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

                                                        • lonely heart..


                                                            Lonely heart feels comfortable in the hands of an understanding heart.. !

                                                            Never lose your dear ones who understands u well... !!

                                                            take care!: -)ash

                                                            Facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

                                                            Facebook. com/ahsms

                                                          • "Mind makes brilliant

                                                              "Mind makes brilliant decision with some mistakes.

                                                              But heart takes cute decisions with fully satisfaction. Allow your heart to rule yourself...

                                                              by ash

                                                              ajeeshkpz@gmail. com

                                                            • am still remembering u..

                                                                "U"are far from me but your presence is always here in my heart, I may not come to"U"but my message can reach you to say-am still remembering u.. by a. s. h

                                                                www. facebook. com/ajeeshkpz

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