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  • Hey i am your Friend

      When you win I will proudly tell the world,

      "Hey!That's my


      But when you lose, I will sit by your side, hold your hand and say,

      "Hey i am your Friend"

    • U are in MY HEART

        If you feel you are in a black room
        feels its walls are shaking

        feels smell blood
        you didn't fear my dear because

        U are in MY HEART!!!

      • Illusion of eyes Make the art:MAGIC!

          Illusion of eyes Make the art: MAGIC!


          eyes fails in desert: MIRAGE!

          Finally, once again it fails..
          When 'I' think

          You are always there near me..

        • My good luck

            Sweet Roses are easy to Catch..
            Sweet Words are easy to Speak..

            But Sweet Friends not easy to get.
            But my good luCk, i got ur Cute frieNdSHip..

          • Moments of Friendship

              "We always know that looking back on tears would make us laugh. But we

              never know that looking back at moments we laugh together would make us cry"

            • I made my friend in this world

                People say friends are made in heaven & they come in your

                But i made my friend in this world & made my life a Heaven

              • FRIENDSHIP is SUGARCANE

                  Pure FRIENDSHIP is SUGARCANE you crush it,
                  twist it, squeeze

                  it, beat it to pulp; all that u will get only "SWEETNESS"...

                • Friendship stays Forever & Ever

                    Time goes so fast, life asks so much, No wonder friends get out

                    of touch!
                    But in hearts deep, true, unseen, friendship stays forever and ever...

                  • Friend Forever

                      Among your million friends,
                      Let me be one

                      To share a


                      To fight with U

                      To be with U

                      as your lovely friend


                    • Friendship and Respe

                        Friendship is not about finding similarities, it is about respecting

                        differences. You are not my friend coz you are like me, but because i accept you and respect you the way

                        you are.

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