Wish your friends and relatives a very happy and prosperous New Year 2016. Send New Year SMS Messages and SMS greetings wishing them all the best for the year to come. Good collection of latest New Year SMS wishes. 2016 New Year SMS for free.

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      God gives you,12 month of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days success, 8760 hours good health, 52600 minutes good luck, 31536000 seconds of joy and thats all.. May special memories brighten your new year Happy New Year !!!

    • saiful islam.........

        on behalf of my family....I wish you all the best on the occasion of the New Year’s Day,. Hope this upcoming New Year brings new inspiration to mind and bring lots of happiness in ur life. Best of luck.

      • gffdgggvvhbfbvbf

          My wishes for you in year 2012

          Great start for Jan,

          Love for Feb,

          Peace for march,

          No worries for April

          Fun for May,

          Joy for June to Nov,

          Happiness for Dec,

          Have a lucky and wonderful 2012.


            wish u al of viewers this enjoying this new year 2013.

          • New Year SMS 2011

              Wishing you and your family lots of happiness, Success, Love and Good Health.

              Wishing You a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2011

            • Happy Newyear....

                Ee puthu varsham Nintethavatte....

                Nee Entethum.........


              • for my priti

                  oh my dear, forgot ur fear,

                  let all ur dream be clear,

                  never put tear, pleas here,

                  i want to tell on thing in ur ear,

                  wishesh u a very happy new year.

                • HAPPY NEW YEAR

                    DhalTy dEcemBer Ke sAth Hi KhAtaYen mUaf KaR Dena.....!!!!!

                    KyA paTa Jab pHir DecEmber Aye tO hUm nA hOn........!!!!
                    Special sorry to my all friends.....

                  • Hi dear....Y so fear

                      Hi dear,
                      Y so fear,
                      I am near,
                      Take the beer,
                      Enjoy the New Year...

                    • New year13

                        May this new year bring many opportunities to your way,

                        to explore every joy of life


                        may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm,

                        turning all your dreams into reality

                        and all your efforts into great achievements.

                        Happy New Year to you

                      • happy new year

                          Great sayings about new year every man

                          Regards his own life as the new years Eve of time

                          Happy new year

                          My you long liv long........................

                        • new year greetings 2013

                            May The Every Moment Of Coming

                            New Year Brings Happiness And

                            Prosperity In Life, Enjoy The Every

                            Moment Of Life. Happy New Year.

                          • new year 2012

                              There have been many time in 2011

                              when I may disturbed you

                              troubled u

                              irritated u

                              bugged u





                              today I just wanna tell you





                              I plan to continue it in 2012.

                            • New Year SMS Greetings

                                Years come and go, but this year I specially wish for you a double dose of health and happiness topped with loads of good fortune...

                                HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

                              • My Wishes in 2012

                                  God gives You..

                                  12 Month of Happiness,

                                  52 Weeks of Fun,

                                  365 Days Success,

                                  8760 Hours Good Health,

                                  52600 Minutes Good Luck,

                                  3153600 Seconds of Joy.. and that's all! "

                                • New Year 2012 Greeting

                                    Memorable moments are celebrated together,
                                    You are my best friend for now and forever,
                                    Make me miss you even more this New Year,
                                    Hope this 2012 bring happiness for you dear

                                  • Every Day of New Year

                                      May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family.
                                      Happy new Year

                                    • New Year Message

                                        May prosperity and success be the two sides of the coin for your business this year and always...
                                        Happy New Year!

                                      • CONTENT NEW YEAR 2013

                                          gone are the days of trouble, days of fear, days of worries.................

                                          tiresome days and sleepless nights.......

                                          it was past 2012......

                                          nw when 2013 is to unfold

                                          time to forget all those .......

                                          Rejoicing d moments of 2012 ......

                                          just wish 4 a hapy, joyous, content "2.. 0.. 1.. 3",

                                          Wishing a very very hapy new year....... 2 ma frnds, lv n evry1

                                        • BENEDICTION IN 2013

                                            BE BENEDICTED IN 2013. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Lk. 2: 40

                                            WITH LOVE FROM MITYANA UGANDA AFRICA

                                          • To my dearest husband Muju

                                              Oh my dear!Forget ur fear, let all ur dreams be clear. Never put tear. Please hear, i want to tell one thing in ur ear wishi u a very happy"NEW YEAR"

                                            • As the New Year

                                                May the star carry shine upon you. May the flowers fill your heart with beauty. May hope forever wipe away your tears and above all May this new year be wonderfull **HAPPY NEW YEAR**

                                              • Happy new year

                                                  1 glass visky

                                                  1 glass water

                                                  1 glass bear

                                                  o my dear

                                                  $HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013$

                                                • Happy new yar

                                                    The Upcoming New Year Is A Perfect Time to Forget Sorrows and Remember Good Things in Life. Happy New Year...


                                                  • Francesis 8142130120

                                                      Wish u a very very happy&healthy new year for ua frndz n familz... !

                                                    • new year wishes

                                                        Happy New Year

                                                        We wishing that the coming year is glorious one that rewards all your future endeavors with Success.

                                                      • Wish u happy new year friends

                                                          Leave ur good or bad, cool or hot, lovely or fearly, ... That year is gonnnn .... Leave all things and happyly welcome new year of 2012 ........ Kkkk friends

                                                        • happy new year...

                                                            with the help of baba g 's daya and mehar. we are proud to be lucky people, who got birth in parmarath family. and we should get inspiration from our parents and do bhajan simran so much.


                                                            happy new year.

                                                          • HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

                                                              ADV WISH U HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012. ALL HAPPINESS

                                                              COMES TRUE THIS YEAR IN YR DOOR STEPS TAKE CARE.

                                                              ONCE AGAIN HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 ... SIJIGOA FACEBOOK. 0976780460

                                                              www. sijigoa. blogspot. com

                                                            • Wish you happy new year

                                                                My wishes for you in year 2012

                                                                Great start for Jan,

                                                                Love for Feb,

                                                                Peace for march,

                                                                No worries for April

                                                                Fun for May,

                                                                Joy for June to Nov,

                                                                Happiness for Dec,

                                                                Have a lucky and wonderful 2012

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