Wish your friends and relatives a very happy and prosperous New Year 2016. Send New Year SMS Messages and SMS greetings wishing them all the best for the year to come. Good collection of latest New Year SMS wishes. 2016 New Year SMS for free.

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  • New Year Dawn

      may the new year bring a beautiful dawn to your life which is colorful and pleasant as you are...
      Happy New Year

    • Ring in the New Year

        Ring out the old,
        ring in the new,
        Ring happy bells
        across the snow:
        The year is going,
        let him go,
        ring out the false,
        ring in the true

      • New Year Message

          May prosperity and success be the two sides of the coin for your business this year and always...
          Happy New Year!

        • Every Day of New Year

            May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family.
            Happy new Year

          • New Year 2012 Greeting

              Memorable moments are celebrated together,
              You are my best friend for now and forever,
              Make me miss you even more this New Year,
              Hope this 2012 bring happiness for you dear

            • Let that day b X.

                Happy New Year.. though the year have just passed but we shall never forget that days R more to live with.

                Lets make this year a better one.

              • '' New year 2011''

                  "NEW YEAR 2011"
                  + NEW Aim
                  + New Achievement
                  + New Dream
                  + New Idea
                  + New Thinking
                  + New Ambition
                  = Life+Success
                  "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

                • 4 all friends, 2011.,

                    Happy new year,
                    2011, for all friends......

                    new lover,
                    new friends,
                    new food,
                    new places,
                    new films,
                    new jobs,
                    new style,
                    new songs,
                    new, new, new, new. , ..

                    Appol ellaavarum, adichu poliku,

                  • akhil's sms


                    • new year SMS

                        "This is last evening of 2011"and wishing next year 2012. "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

                      • HAPPY nEw yEAR

                          Wishing all my Brothers, sisters, friends and relatives a very blessed and prosperous New Year. May God Bless always

                          HAPPYNEW YEAR

                        • HaPpY NeW YeAr

                            Past In debit................. !!!!!!!
                            Present In Credit........... !!!!!!!!
                            Don't Credit U'r Balance........ !!!!!
                            deposit U'r Knowledges ............................
                            But Forget me(Past

                          • 9946989541

                              sweetest sunday
                              marvellous mon
                              tastay tuesday
                              wonder ful wend
                              thank ful thursday
                              friendly frieday
                              success ful saturday
                              have a great year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

                            • Happy-2011

                                2012 is Coming
                                Wishing you a Very Very Happy New Year, Republic Day, Valentines day, Onam, Vishu, Eid, X-mas, Independence day, Friendship day, Father day, Mother Day Dada, Nana, Nani, Teacher, Master, Peon, Birthday
                                365 Good Mornings, Good Evenings and Good Nights....

                              • Begin a New Year

                                  These are the last days of this year. So its time say Sorry to all your friends, if you\'ve hurt them and begin a new chapter of your life.

                                  SORRY IF I\'VE EVER HURT YOU...

                                  Happy New Year...

                                • Waiting for \'U\' 2011 - New Year SMS

                                    S_ccess Year
                                    S_ccess months
                                    S_ccess weeks
                                    S_ccess days
                                    S_ccess hours
                                    S_ccess minutes
                                    S_ccess seconds

                                    All are waiting for \"U\"... !! 2011

                                    Happy New Year Wishes...

                                  • Awaiting a Beautiful Year - Good New Year SMS

                                      A Beautiful Year is waiting for you.
                                      Walk with Aims, Run with Confidence,
                                      Fly with your Achievements.

                                      Get Up and Have a Lovely 2011.. : -)

                                    • Thank You for a Wonderful Year

                                        As this year comes to an end,
                                        I would like to give thanks to all those people
                                        Who made this year more meaningful...

                                        Thank You for helping me have a wonderful Year...

                                      • New Year SMS 2011

                                          Wishing you and your family lots of happiness, Success, Love and Good Health.

                                          Wishing You a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2011

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