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  • My heart is whole

      I loved him.
      I thought he loved me.
      I was wrong.
      He moved on.
      I cried.
      I was Heartbroken.
      Until that guy came and made me smile.
      I am happy again.
      My heart is whole.

    • This Chrismas

        I wonder if this year
        My wish will come true
        This year
        I have been extra good
        this year
        I have worked extra hard
        This year
        I hope I don't get coal
        Like last year
        I have a feeling
        that this Chrismas
        For the first time
        I will walk.

      • Finally older

          It seemed like you were a whole year younger just yesterday...
          Now you are a whole year older
          I could've sworn you were shorter yesterday
          About an inch
          But I know
          With some kind of special sense
          That you are
          Finally older

        • 'round the corner

            What awaits me this year
            'round the corner
            A ghost or a clown
            Strangely in my nightgown
            April fools; the most unpredictable day
            I wonder what awaits me
            'round the corner

          • Laugh for once

              I crack a joke
              To make you smile
              A hardened look on your face
              Is your reply.
              Not a peep not a word
              it's like meeting a silent bird;
              Strange and unusual
              But then
              Out of the midst of a scowl
              The corners of her mouth
              Turn upwards into
              A beautiful smile.
              A laugh, a happy ray of hope.
              I am having
              an unordinary day

            • New beginings

                3, 2, 1,
                The ball drops
                A new year
                A new you
                Resolutions and parties
                From one year to the next.
                Whether its a new year,
                Or a new decade,
                Or a new century,
                Or a new millennia,
                It's all the same.
                It's always the same
                When there are
                New beginnings

              • Early riser

                  Good morning, early riser.
                  You wake the sun
                  to start the day
                  And tell the moon to go away.
                  Open your curtains,
                  Open your eyes,
                  And view the beautiful surprise.
                  For today you shall not wake the sun,
                  But the sun shall wake you.

                • Jingle bells

                    Jingle bells,
                    Christmas smells and noises everywhere
                    What we need here
                    Is Christmas cheer
                    And hot cocoa all around. When Santa comes
                    And brings his bounty
                    Oh will those sleigh bells jingle
                    Across the sky,
                    Late at night,
                    To the next house he goes.

                  • When True Love Happens

                      When true love happens,
                      There are complications.
                      There are borders.
                      There are separations.
                      There are difficulties.
                      But most of all,
                      There is a revaluation,
                      A revaluation that causes you to never give up,
                      No matter the complications,
                      Or the borders,
                      Or separations,
                      Or difficulties.
                      Because true love prevails.

                    • Through black and white

                        Through black and white,
                        And every shade in between,
                        You were with me.
                        Through thick and thin,
                        You held my hand,
                        Though nobody else cared.
                        When this happens,
                        There is a certain time.
                        In that time,
                        I will do the same to you.
                        Thank you,
                        For being there,
                        Through black and white,
                        And every shade in between.

                      • Thank you forever

                          Thank you forever,
                          For being there,
                          Even when no one else was.
                          Thank you,
                          For sticking up for me,
                          Even through the tough times.
                          But thank you,
                          Most of all,
                          For your presence, not your presents.