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  • Ray's Quote

      You can never know how much you are loved until you open eyes!
      You can never know how much your time is being wasted until you use your brain!

    • Dreaming of Us

        I closed my eyes and I saw you!
        I walked to you and kissed your lips.
        Held you tight and our bodies shook with emotions!
        I was dreaming of us.

      • Breaking a Heart

          I know am human and I can also do things to make you sad.
          I can never promise to be eternally good to you.
          I can break your heart by loving you more than you want to be loved!

        • The Best of Me

            I have loved and have hurt too.
            I have climbed the mountains and also came tumbling down.
            I have been led blindly to follow the paths with thorns without my knowledge.
            You found me blind but you showed me the ways to follow and guided me to this heavenly light.
            Your love built me.
            You are the best of me.

          • My Sweet Valentine

              Am not good with colors. Many a times I failed my painting assignments and I don't ever want to fail again.
              Do you know why I chose you?
              Do you know the color of eternity?
              Well, your love seemed so clear to me. I could see through it and I felt that I will always be a winner with you.
              Happy Valentines Babe.

            • When You Wake Up!

                I never wanted to blow up your phone and disturb your beautiful sleep honey.
                So I just stood beside this bed and texted you 'I Love You' so you can see it when you finally open your cute eyes.

              • The Best Ever

                  I love you so much. I can always feel your pain and also the joy in you.
                  I have grown to be so deeply sunk in you.
                  You are my best friend of all times.

                • Morning My Love

                    Waking up and turning over to kiss your face while you are still deep in your sleep has been my greatest hobby babe!

                  • Till Forever

                      I can never ask for less! But does it make me selfish?
                      Am not only asking for a forever with you but ten more days after forever!
                      I want to love you more.

                    • Love You Forever

                        Loving you feels so comfortable and I appreciate that.
                        You are the perfect gift I have had since I knew the sweetest things in this world.
                        Let me love you today till forever!

                      • Thinking about you

                          I stay up all night, just thinking about you.
                          Since I met you I have lost myself: your memories have taken the best of me!
                          But I don't want to know if you also feel or do the same too. I just want you to know that I love you!

                        • I Love You

                            When I first met you: I wished that I could always be around you and as time went by I realized that I was so attached to you.
                            Taking my love to the next level is what I want to do: we have been flying in the skies but now I want us to feel the heavens :)
                            I want you to be my forever valentine, let us grow old and in love together.