What is DNA?

The human body is made of DNA and this is what caters to the character, thinking style, physical features,  and health of a person. It is an acid that is passed on to the baby from both of the parents. This method is not only prevalent in human beings but also in most of the organisms that are born on earth. A portion of the DNA from each of the parent and then combined to form a single DNA. This is what develops the basis of the child that is born. 

Research states that Alcohol can develop cancer in the body!

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Getting to know more:

The DNA is the bank of your body and also holds a vital part of your family tree.

You must have heard that in the past, our ancestors looked like chimpanzees. Well, that seems to be quite because today research  reveals that the DNA structure of a human body and also a chimpanzee is almost very identical to each other.

You can find DNA is every inch and corner of your body and there are practically so many of this stringy things that DNA feel that if given a try – it could form a road way straight from Pluto to Earth and maybe even back!  Now that is certainly something weird!

If you go to split and analyse your DNA, you may find the weirdest of links in different places and have relations with the people, families, cultures and societies that you may never have thought of in life.

That is just to give you an idea of what the complexity of DNA is all about!

What damages DNA?

A lot of factors do affect and destroy the composition and quality of the DNA, but the one that tops the list is none other than alcohol. We all know that too much of anything – is actually bad for the body.


In a recent research done at the Cancer Research UK, it was found that alcohol has the capacity to alter the way a person thinks, brings in instability of character and thinking. Then one more alarming demerit of alcohol is that:

It has the power to destroy the DNA and then finally this would lead to the formation, development and growth of CANCER. So, the way, the reason and the need to avoid alcohol is what this research is out to show us.

How does alcohol damage our cells?

Quality of DNA at stake: Alcohol has the capacity to get absorbed into our stem cells and thereby destroy the quality of our DNA over a long period of time. Of course, it also depends on the amount and type of liquor you consume. The lower the quality and the more you drink, the damage you bring happens to exceed beyond your notice and your expectations.

Damage can go beyond control:

Alcohol contains a component called acetaldehyde and that can enter the body cells and damage them to a large extent. 

Tested on Mice:

Alcohol is also called ethanol and this experiment was conducted on mice. In this case, the mice were made to consume highly diluted alcohol. Then the mice were observed over a period of time. 

Alter the Compositions:

It was found that the alcohol can not only break the cells, but can also alter the working, and formation of the cells over a certain time period. Consequently, this will create a disorder in the way the chromosomes are arranged within the body. 

Healthy stem cells gets diseased:

When alcohol enters your nervous system, this can dupe or rather fool the healthy stem cells. That would lead to making such healthy cells act weird and then turn into diseased cells. 

Cancer development:

Such diseased cells will be cancerous in nature and that is what spreads across the body. The problem with this type of cancer development is that the body fails to understand that the cancer cells are doing harm to the body. So, the white blood cells never try to fight or defend the body from such problems. Even if they do, such healthy cells are a minority and would fail in the process.

Defence is destroyed:

As alcohol seems to surface and show its true colour in the body, the defence mechanism in the body gets destroyed. The body loses its immunity and also that would affect the other organs of the body to a large extent. 

Liver is under the red light:

Too much intake of alcohol can cause liver damage. The liver cells will get spoiled and it will weaken to a level that it cannot function in the way it used to do before. This would lead to the formation of a disease named cirrhosis. Now, it is the cirrhosis – of not diagnosed and treated at the right time- would develop into the fear that we dread to hear- and that is liver cancer.


In the case of women who drink, their oestrogen levels are said to be affected to a considerable extent. This is turn will lead to destruction of the hormonal balance in the body. It is this imbalance that would eventually lead to breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer in many women around the world.

Other cancers: 

This list does not end here, because of the basic reason that alcohol is actually affecting the DNA. When DNA is destroyed, its after effects could cause danger for a lot of the other organs. 

As per research, they have found that excess intake of alcohol can eventually be the root cause of affecting the other types of cancer like:

Bowel Cancer, Oesophagus cancer, Mouth and upper throat cancer.

These are the cases that have been reported the most in places like UK and on diagnosis and enquiry, doctors have found alcohol to have played a serious and detrimental role in the lives of these people.

Is there a solution to avoid cancer?

Of course, there is almost nothing at all on this Earth that has no solution at all. The facts that you need to keep in mind are:

Drink alcohol and enjoy, but all must be under a strict watch. Never enjoy to that limit, where your life can be put at stake. 

If you do drink a lot, we do recommend that you should start by reducing the level of drinks that you take. This will help the body to adjust to the change and also bring back the hormone level in the body to the right level.

An interesting tip from the medical world: You can drink and enjoy life- but keep it minimal, because you are responsible for your health.

Good News:

Alcohol is certainly no criminal out to destroy your body. Good alcohol can be enjoyed once a week or so, but an excess of it- is what causes all the misery. Never drink to a level that your DNA gets muddles up and forces it sway to gift your the wrath of cancer.