A lot of us have food allergies and for the fear of facing its complications, we avoid eating out from hotels and restaurants.The truth is we long to! I understand, and that is why I am going to give a small collection of tips and hacks to safely eat out enjoy with your family and friends and still not get triggered in the crazy world of food allergies.

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So, ready to enjoy and splurge a bit on your favorite foodie delights? Well, keep these tips and mind and book a table today!

By the way, I am advocating for you to eat anything and everything from an eatery. But this is about how you can eat out the food (only the food) that is completely safe for your body. Who wants to risk their life? Neither me nor you!

Just a second: I know what you are thinking – Don’t most people think an easy solution?

Easy Solution: Avoid going out at all! Yah, I know that is the best, but life is never going to be fun at all like that!

Life is about finding solutions to survive the odds of life.

Clever Solution: Go have fun, stay safe, and let this be an achievement you always dreamt about in life!

If the second one is what you vaguely even chose congrats! You are brave and love to confront the issue. So read on!

Here are two researches that I want to share with you. Read right to the last to understand the complete solution to the problem.

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Don’t have to Avoid Allergen Foods Completely!

At the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunilogy (ACAAI) researchers feel that a person who has food allergies need not avoid that type of food entirely

For example, if you have a milk allergy- it could be cow’s milk. That does not mean you need to avoid other animal milk at all. Or maybe you can even try nut milks. The composition of each type of milk is different and that may be safe for people who have food allergies.

Another example, for further explanation is that- a person may be allergic to nuts and seeds of fruits , but may not be necessarily allergic to the pulp of a certain fruit.

Problems when you completely avoid certain foods

Research shows that when a body completely avoids things like milk- they are losing on certain nutrients. This could make them malnourished.

Instead, people should find out food substitutes that can compensate for this loss. Thereby they are safe from the food allergy and also will still get the benefit of that particular food nutrient.

The Cross Reactivity Factor

While searching for food substitutes keep in mind of the cross reactivity factor in food. This means certain foods that are related may contain the same allergens throughout.

For example, a person allergic to shrimps is usually allergic to squids and lobsters too because of their similar body composition. So it is best to avoid all that!

Also, some fruits apricots, strawberries, almonds plums and pears have showed the problem of cross reactivity. So if you are prone to discomforts and allergies while eating any of these fruits, it is safe to avoid the others too.

Test for Allergy

Usually, it is best you take an allergy test and the doctor will guide you as to what foods you can safely take and what you should avoid completely.

For this, they may perform oral food tests. But there is nothing to worry, as all tests are done under complete supervision.

Outliving Allergies

The studies pointed out that certain allergies like milk allergies may die off as the child reaches adulthood.

But if this is an allergy that spurted out at a later stage of life, it may trouble the person for a lifetime.

So all this can be found and explained only after the consultation with an experienced food allergy specialist.

Eating Out when you have food allergies

Okay, now you must have got an idea of the science behind food allergies.

True, this is something that scares all of us. It can be deadly, but we must learn to live with it. Now, the next research shows how you can actually enjoy eating out – even if you a food allergy.

A little thought, a little courage and lots of knowledge and patience will fix this big dream to eat restaurant food in an enjoyable manner.

Dining Out with Food Allergies in a Precautious Way

Recently at the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunilogy (ACAAI) , it was examined that people can enjoy restaurant food and still be able to prevent any food allergy triggers.

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Twelve Bottom Lines and Tips of Dining Out when you have a Food Allergy

Do not go out a restaurant at the peak hour: Now this is something that you need to keep in mind. If the hotel or restaurant is buzzing and stuffed with foodies then you might not have the space to get what you want in the best way possible. So, that’s a risky affair. Plus, the waiters and chefs may be busy and there could be chances that orders get slightly misinterpreted. A chance too risky to take!

Instead go when it is peaceful and quiet and you have all day to enjoy every mouthful in peace.

Speak, discuss and know all that you want to know:This is actually the key to every, dine out session for a person who suffers from food allergies. You need to take the time to ask the waiter what all they provide and if a bit of customization in the food is possible. Don’t hurry with the ordering process. Choose dishes that you like first and maybe if you can talk to the chef- even better. They could come up with non – allergic options to feed you safely.

So, get talking be relaxed and get the most benefit from that delectable outing. The idea is safe eating and who bothers more about your safety than you yourself.

Don’t feel shy about it: Understand that our life is dear to us and our loved ones. Little pleasures in life are much needed. Never feel bad and shy while discussing such issues in the public. You never created it, and you do not deserve to remain mum about it.

I know this takes time and you need to get full benefit of that time. Ask all that you need to know from the waiter, the management or the chef. Your ignorance or shyness should not be the reason for an allergy trigger!

Confirm with waiter before consuming the food: Okay so the food has finally arrived and you are hungry to the core! But wait! Don’t chomp it down immediately.Talk with the waiter who took your order. Ask if this food meets all that you had specified. Check if they have added any additives of any sort.

Make sure that it is completely safe and void of any dangers that you suspect. This is very important especially when you take small kids and even older children to the dine outs. They may not be able to express the discomfort, and you may not be able to identify any problem. So clear doubts before consuming.

Check restaurants that have good reviews:This is a must! You need to keep a count of all those restaurants that have reviews. Only choose to go to good quality restaurants with a good rating. They will take care to serve fresh food, and such places ensure that quality standards are maintained regularly.

It is best if you talk to people who may have visited such places in the past.

Homework is a must: Avoid restaurants that have been known for contaminations in the past. You cannot take any risks. Can you? So, while checking out for reviews, also note comments that speak about contaminated foods. That is complete no –no for people who have allergies or even no!

Opt for hotels that serve only simple food and the importance are to be given for freshness and not the glamour side of food.

Discuss the ingredients that go into every dish that you want to order: You may have get into a time consuming talk with the people who deal with making the food. So if the waiter cannot explain all the ingredients that go into making a special dish, request them to have a talk with the chef.

Get an idea of what they make and what they use. It is most important. Forget about the pain they take, or any guilt that you may feel. After all- customer is king and it is their duty to serve you the best!

Ask if they can make customized food: Just before I mentioned – not to be shy about talking to the staff. Here, this is one vital question that you must question. Suppose their menu does not furnish the type of food that you are looking for then ask them if they can prepare it the way you want. Ask them if they can furnish the ingredients that suit your body and taste. Be safe and see if they take time to give you the best!

That is the way you can evaluate the service of a good quality restaurant.

Make sure that they use clean vessels for cooking: Now, generally a good quality hotel will maintain pretty strict quality standards. But, still with a food allergy hovering above your mind, take your time to ask them to use separate clean vessels for your dish.

If necessary, request them that you need to see and enter the pantry of the restaurant. That will make you sure about the cleanliness and any fear or doubt you may have in mind.

Order simple tasty food- Avoid those taste boosters: Only simple food, guys! No funky food, no tastemakers, no ajinomoto, no junk colors and all!

As if food allergy is not enough to complicate life don’t add more fire into such a health issue. Open your mouth voice out your opinions suggestions and fears.

Organic food that makes you feel good inside- is all that you need! No more no less!

Leave if you must!: This point takes courage I know many people may shy away from this one but again this is not to create a commotion of any sort. It is for your safety. You have no obligation to eat in a place that you have booked.

So relax, and explain the issue to the waiter and management before you leave No egos not frustrations and just calm talks will help you leave in harmony.

Emergency medications needed: This is just a precautionary advice from the experts. In case, even after all these talks and discussions- a food allergy sprouts out keep a set of medicines in your emergency kit

Hope these tips helped you and more of such useful researches will come your way soon. Keep reading!