When asked to name seasons, all of us would have a list of three to four seasons according to the countries we reside in. It could normally include spring, summer, winter and autumn. But in Ayurvedic science- all seasons are commonly divided under three different platforms. What are they?

The Dosha Cycle

The basic dosha cycle would go like this:

vata, kapha and pitta.

Vata stands for the season between early winter times and late fall. Kapha stands for the winter or rather the coldest times of the years. Last is the pitta that stands for the most hot times of the year. The times of seasons may differ at different places but the idea behind looking after your body and following the Ayurvedic treatment remains the same.

All About Vata

This is a phase in which the season changes. So, it is switching from dry to a light cool weather. So, the aspects to be taken care of are the dryness in the air, a constant change of temperatures from dry to cool, digestion issues and even skin problems.

Diet for Vata

Warm liquid foods like soups, bread with stews and any type of root vegetables is better than cold sandwiches, salads and such similar snacks.

All About Kapha

Here, the climate is getting colder, drier and harsher. So, the place will get harsh, and dry and you will be prone to dry patches on skin. So make sure you are warm, and the skin does not get dry. Plus do not fall prey to cold and cough as the temperatures can begin to get really low.

Diet for Kapha

Have foods that keep your internal temperatures warm. The diet should include berries, beans, leafy vegetables. These keep the body warm and also help to cleanse the internal digestion and enable better metabolism . Never eat too much and go for long walks to burn those extra calories.

All About Pitta

This is a phase to be followed for the hottest season of the year. So, make sure you enjoy the season but without getting sick, dehydrated and worn out due to excess heat, humidity and unpleasant sessions of hot air blowing around you.

Diet for Pitta

The basic trick during this season is to cool the body and keep it well hydrated. Enjoy tropical fruits if you can get like coconut juice. Otherwise go for mint, lime, watermelon, cucumbers and orange juice. Mangoes can be enjoyed though at a moderate level.

Drink plenty of water and stay away from the heat. Look after your skin carefully.

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