The Apple Body Shape is wider on the top, small on the bottom and your weight accumulates around hips and abdomen.

The Apple Body Shape is associated with women while Oval Body Shape is associated with men.

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Follow our simple guideline to keep fat at bay in an apple shaped body: 

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  • Eat nuts, salmon, mackerel - both of which are great sources of omega-3 and cook with a little coconut oil, which boosts your typically low metabolism and helps in weight loss.  
  • Include high quantity of carbohydrates in the form of wild/brown rice, dark bread, oats/oatmeal, corn potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, watermelon, pineapple, grapes and high-quality proteins like eggs, skinless chicken/turkey breast, beef/lamb, fish, seafood, fat-free milk, yogurt and cottage cheese and protein powder. 

Do not eat

Image Source: Prokerala

Kindly avoid all sweets, ice creams, fruit juices, white flour baked products like cakes, crackers, pasta, sweet carbonated drinks, syrups and honey which will increase blood sugar and further triggering fat-storage metabolism.

Health Risks linked to Apple Body Shape:

There is an increased risk of ,Cardiovascular disease , Type-2 diabetes and elevated blood pressure with the apple shaped body as weight accumulates in the hips and abdomen.

Well past many years, doctors had recognized the correlation between fat in the abdominal area and increased health risks. Studies found that the excess fat doesn't just build up under the skin but forms much deeper in the torso increasing the risk of colon and breast cancer.

This fat dissolves into the blood and circulates through the body leading to elevated blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes

Another research at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Session in Chicago found that an apple-shaped figure with abdominal obesity alone correctly predicts regional left ventricular dysfunction, a condition of congestive failure.

Recommended Exercises

  • Include High-intensity cardiovascular workout in your daily routine that'll increase calories burnt per session.
  • Exercises including the plank and the pilates will strengthen the core muscles and this will ensure the calorie burnout in the entire body including the biggest muscles in case of apple body shapes -legs. 
  • Swimming, jogging, cycling will keep your fat ratio in a healthy range.
  • Please don't include bench presses, rowing as these may further add substantial volume to your upper body.

To see lasting results, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle with the combination of a proper diet and exercising routine.