Got an Apple Shaped Body???

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Your figure is one of a kind and so flaunt it in style!! Learn more about whether yours is an apple shaped body and do’s and don'ts when it comes to dressing, food, and much more.

An apple shaped body mostly develops after the age of 40 with the symptoms of menopause and weight MOSTLY starts to develop around your waist.

Apple shaped body main traits:

  • Broader Shoulders
  • Larger Bust
  • Less Defined Waist
  • Narrower Hips

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Other features

  •  Hips and shoulders have the same width.
  •  Slender lower legs and arms.
  •  Weight gains mainly around the waist at least in proportion to the other parts of your body around your midsection mostly upper body stomach, back, chest. 
  •  High hip is wider than your lower hip. Your thighs or hips are probably the narrowest part of your body.
  •  Bust and/or midriff are larger than your hips.
  •  You might be having a short waist.
  •  Rib cage and back appear somewhat wide
  •  Wide or/and fleshy shoulders
  •  Fabulous legs and bust
  •  The waistline is undefined or has little waist definition and waistline has the same width or is wider.
  •  Hips may be narrow but your midsection is fuller/wider
  •  Slim limbs specifically arms
  •  Full, shorter neck, full face


  •   Dress should have Elevated Waistlines and the length must stay below the bust.
  •   Empire waist dress can work well as long as there is not much around the waistline.
  •   A wrap dress is a good choice with the V-neckline that emphasises the bust.
  •   Straight-down Shift or tunic dress is good.
  •   A dress that has Drop waist and narrows at your hips without being tight around your tummy. 

Colors for your body shape:

  • Dark colors like navy, black, brown

A 'NO' for your body shape

  •  Baggy shapeless clothes
  •  High necklines
  •  Clingy, tight clothes
  •  Detailed skirts and pants with zippers, buttons at the tummy
  •  Bulky coats and heavy sweaters

STYLE MANTRA for dressing an apple shape body:

  • Smooth pants, a high flowing v-neck top, and a long jacket.


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  • Your busts are your asset, but ensure that they are not overly projected when you dress up. A good bra will definitely help to lift up your bust. Half cup bra, full cup bras or minimizer bras are recommended for larger busts; balconette bra and plunge bra if you have a smaller bust.
  • Ensure that your breasts are hiked up and sit between shoulders and elbows as sagging/low-lying breasts can make you look old and frumpy.
  • Avoid the strapless bra, triangle bras, push-up bras and padded bras as they offer little support and you may not need to emphasise your bust!
  • High-waistlines panties and French knickers can enhance the beautiful curve appearance of your body.
  • Use tummy shapewear to minimize the apple tummy.
  • Always keep a separation between your bust and tummy else you may look like a big ball.


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  • Ensure that Tops cover your entire tummy and end below your hipbone.
  • Tops with cutouts or embellishment at the neckline and V-necks are recommended that takes the attention off the tummy and put the focus right on your face.
  • Empire waist tops or tops that are knotted at the bust are also alternate options to show your slimmest point under your bust.
  • Tops with Flared sleeves or detailed tops on the sleeves are great options to draw the attention away from your belly.
  • Please avoid baggy tops, high neck shirts as they make you look bigger. Try simple button-down shirts that have body embracing features.
  • Big sleeves or puffy sleeves should be avoided like the plague
  • The topwear should have slight fit instead of being clingy and flow gently over your tummy.


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  • Choose a structured jacket or tailored jackets that fits your shoulders perfectly and ensure that the jacket ends at your hips instead of tummy. Avoid a loose, flowing dress or a long skirt.
  • Duster coats, business jackets or vest that ends just above the knee are great choices to make you appear slimmer.


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  • Go for bright vibrant colours in pants
  • Pants that stretch along your tummy line should be good on  your body.
  • Wear boot cut, straight cut or trouser leg jeans to look your best and avoid tapered jeans that make you look top-heavy.
  • Always go for pants having a nice smooth front or pull on pants with zippers at the sides.
  • Keep away from pleated pants that gives too much detailing along the waistline.
  • Avoid Skinny jeans, pencil pants and fitted trousers as they might exaggerate your mid section
  • Avoid pants with back pockets to make your behind look larger and fuller.


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  • Keep your skirts longer than your knee else you may look heavy. This will show off your nice legs, but keep them no shorter than above the knee, or you’ll look too top-heavy.
  • Flared, flirty skirts and A-lines are great for an apple shape that hides your waist and gives a curvy look to the hips.
  • Ensure your skirt flows gently over the tummy with a keyhole neckline that draws the eye up.


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  • Swimwear that accentuates your waist and lifts your bust with wrap and shirring details.
  • Supportive Bikini Tops with structured cups give more flattering profile and definition to the busts. Underwire, padding and push-up cups are good choices for your body shape.
  • V-Neck Bikini Tops emphasizes the torso and creates curved lines around the waist. Halter tops with neck straps and back straps are great choices.
  • Tankini Top especially the Tiered ones conceal the stomach line and gives attention to the slimmest part of the torso. Blousy tankinis with an added belt as in Ecoswin tops are excellent choices.
  • Bandeau Bikini Top, mostly the strapless one show off your shapely shoulders.
  • Bikini bottoms with High-cut legs are excellent choices that not only draw attention to the shapely, thin legs but balances the upper heavy apple shape by emphasizing the vertical line along the bottom half.
  • The design on bikini bottoms play a role too and can add volume to slim hips and curves. Ruffles on bikini bottoms should be an option you should look for that create an illusion of fuller hips, while side ties or sashes balance out the upper body.
  • Retro-style high-waisted bikinis and Ruched-Front Bikini Bottoms are not to be missed as they create a flat belly illusion and conceals any extra weight around the waist
  • Bottom with dark color at the waist combined with bright top draws attention to the top while more patterning on the bottom than top gives a more balancing look. Horizontal stripes on the bottom also give curvier appearance to the hips and rear part.


Apple Body Shape

Like all body types, if you want to rock your body, you just have to dress in a way that would suit you and your body type. After all, apple shaped celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Liz Hurley, and Jessica Simpson have nailed the art of dressing for apple shaped body- and you can too!

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