If you take a look at the various women's body shapes, you will know which one shape you fall into. And know what?- no shape is the perfect looking figure. It all depends on how you maintain your body- just make sure it is natural, consistent and rejuvenating.

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We suggest you take this body shape quiz to identify your real shape and then tone yourself to hourglass shape.

Difference between the two

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Pear Shaped Body

If you have wide hips compared to your shoulder and bust line, then you are a pear shaped. You are a bit curvy, and look beautiful if you learn how to control the weight that falls into the hips and thighs.

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Hourglass Shaped Body

This is a classic shape of a woman. You have curves in the right proportions and in the right areas. Mostly your bust line and hip line will be almost same.


Of course, we cannot completely transform a body, but to a large extent- with regular exercise, good diet and sleep- nothing is impossible. After all, if a curvy and fit figure is on your things to do list- why not work on it?

Get to know your present body shape here!

Tips that can change your figure to Hourglass

  1. Tone those Hips: Since the hips have a tendency to accumulate weight much more quickly than any other part of the body, exercises need to concentrate on melting down that excess fat. Try exercises that are done sideways. Lie on the floor, lie to one side, keep your knees and legs straight. Lift them straight as much as you. Do this exercise for 5 times and for both legs.
    Note: The more your stretch those hip muscles and perform those side leg lifts, more fat gets burned slowly.
  2. Plank with Yoga: Yoga is found to be very effective in reducing the fat in certain areas of our body. The biggest problem in a pear shaped body is that lower stomach is a probable slot for fat deposits. Hips and upper thighs also happen to gain weight quickly. Try the plank exercise as that position strains all the abdominal muscles makes it lean. Lift your body slowly and back to the ground gently. Take care that your back and hips remain straight as you perform the whole exercise.
    Note: Make sure you can exert pressure on those thighs and butts, so that they can easily melt out that unnecessary flab.
  3. Tummy Care: Lie on your back, and keep your limbs straight. Inhale and stretch your hands and legs to the side as much as you can. Hold for about 10 seconds. Then exhale and bring back your hands and legs back to the straight position. When you exhale, try to exert pressure on your lower abdominal muscles.
    Note: Since the lower tummy can develop fat quickly, also do bending exercises that could give help that tummy burn a bit more quickly.
    Have fun and know your shape Girls!!
    Have fun and know your shape Guys!!
  4. Chest Care: An hour glass shaped body has to ensure that the hips and bust are almost of the same measurement. So, as you tone the hips- make the chest is also taken care of. Use dumbbells for both your hands and lift up to to your chest. Inhale as you bring close to your body and exhale as you place it back to the starting position.
    Note: This tones your chest muscles and gives your waist a defined size. If you don’t have dumbbells, then opt for a weighted bar and do the exercise for about 10 times.
  5. Listen to your Body: A single workout will never burn out that stubborn fat. Start with 5 times, then increase as much as you can. Also, ensure that you eat a fibre rich diet and drink lots of water. Check your body shape every two weeks to track the difference.
    Note: Never overwork. Give your body time to adjust to the changes in diet and physical exercise.

Nevertheless, being fit is the mantra of any healthy body. Follow these exercises on a daily basis and see how you transform beautifully.