You must be baffled by the number of body shapes that seem to be listed and explained over the internet. Still, you may be confused, to which shape you belong to. So, here we are all ready to help you identify your real shape!

Look into the mirror

The shapes are researched and explained based on various studies. But sometimes, we have noticed that people can have a mix of two different shapes. And this can leave us confused and we may fail to identify our real shape.

So, our easy suggestion is you need to first of all- look at your body and second – measure your body. Sure, that is a piece of cake!!! Get that measuring tape, sheet of paper, pen and start penning down your body measurements.

For the shoulder, measure the widest portion of your shoulder line and note this measurement.

For the bust or chest, measure the widest portion of the upper chest and note this measurement.

For the waist, take the width of the circle just able your belly button.

For the hips, take measurement of the widest portion of your hips and butt area.

Now once you have made a note of you measurements, understand the following:

  1. If your shoulder length is longer than your hips, then your shape is bound to be inverted triangle shaped.
  2. If your chest or bust line, and upper torso is much wider in breadth compared to your hip line, then your shape is bound to be apple shaped.
  3. If your shoulder, bust and hip lines seem to somewhat of the same proportions, then your shape is bound to be rectangle shaped.
  4. If your chest or bust line, and upper torso is much lesser in breadth than compared to your hip line, then your shape is bound to be pear shaped.
  5. If your bust line, and hip line are the same or almost same, and your waist line is much smaller and defined than the other two, the your shape is bound to be hour glass shaped.

How can you find your body shape? Find it here!

Few facts you may want to know:

Never think that your shape- when you are slim and when you are obese- are going to be the same. It will keep changing.

This also is an exception with hourglass. An hourglass figure will look somewhat like an hourglass even when you grow obese.

Whereas for an apple or pear figure, as you gain weight, your same body shape may look like an orange.

To get to know your body shape, you need to ensure that you have the BMI . You can always check it here.

If not, you can check your measurements now. Then go about getting your body in shape- by following the right diets and fitness tips.

Now, above is a collection of tips for women. If you would like to know more men shapes, diets and their fitness secrets, go ahead and view them here.

At the end of the day, we would like to remind you that these are the normal shapes of women and men around the world. If you happened to be looking skinny, or athletic, or plus sized, there is no need to get worried.

As long as you are healthy and wear the right attire to suit your shape- does it really matter what shape you have? Definitely not! Accept the beauty that has been gifted to you and focus on improving what you already possess.