Image Source: Xinhua/Ahmad Halabisaz/IANS

Who doesn’t know that smoking is injurious to health? Even kids these days are aware that smoking causes cancer and various heart diseases, thanks to social media. Cigarettes are more often than not portrayed as the villains in the smoking scene. There is another culprit who is silently menacing like a wolf in sheep’s clothing a.k.a the Hookah.

So what exactly is this hookah? Hookah is used to smoke tobacco wherein the heated tobacco smoke passes through cool water, and then reach the smoker. Hookah is the new cool thing in metropolitan cities amidst youngsters. They think it is a harmless form of fun. This is not entirely true. Read on to find out about the top Hookah myths.

Myth 1 - Hookah has no harmful effects

Absolutely not. Do not think that Hookah smokers get some herbal benefits. Hookah is not a toxin-free way of relaxing or getting high. Even hookah smokers are at risk of the same health problems as cigarette smokers. Just as in cigarette smoking, cough, respiratory problems, and even decreased fertility are all side-effects of smoking hookah. Hookah smoking in pregnant women is also associated with low birth weight babies!

Myth 2 - Hookah smoke is not as dangerous as cigarette smoke

Hookah vapors are not cleaned after it is passed over water. It is true that the vapors are cooled down by the water, but there are still dangerous toxins present in it. The charcoal that is used for heating and even the tobacco, produces toxic byproducts like carbon monoxide and other carcinogens.

Myth 3 - Herbal hookah is healthier than regular hookah

We have reached a point where we blindly fill our shopping trolleys with items labeled as organic or herbal. Just because it is herbal doesn’t mean it is 100% good for you. Same goes for Hookah! It is a popular belief that flavored hookah offers many benefits. But the truth is that, when these are burnt, the final result is toxic gases, which are bad for almost every organ in the body.

Myth 4 - Smoking hookah does not affect others

 This is another bull-crap that is fed into the minds of people these days. Hookah smoke still has the same effect as that of second-hand cigarette smoke. Hate to burst the happy bubble, but the toxins released in hookah smoking are just the same as that of cigarette smoke.

Myth 5 - Hookah is not as addictive as cigarette

This has to be the most preposterous fact that is being heard these days. Hookah smoke contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance ergo, smoking hookah is as addictive as smoking cigarettes. Spread the word!

Myth 6 - Hookah used with different bases is completely harmless

Adding milk to your base instead of plain water is sure to make bigger smoke clouds. However one must absolutely refrain from this because milk could cause bacterial growth. So you would be inhaling bacteria infested smoke which could give you some really nasty lung infections. People have mixed fruit juices, food dyes, and even flavor extracts thinking it has some benefit. The truth is, it does not minimize the side-effects.