Food is an essential part of our lives. It builds the body into a healthy living being, and if the right diet is taken, it can have a positive effect on the mind, body and all over development of the person.

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Though we say that food is healthy, many a times, if you notice most of the people go for quick solutions to fill their tummy. This is what cause the unhealthy lifestyle. It is not unhealthy because the dish can be made fast, but because of the ingredients used within the dish.

For example, you can have a fried or boiled egg, and still that will not be at all harmful for the body. Whereas, if you fry a sausage and couple with a hot dog bun and lather in some mayo or mustard sauce- do you think that it is going to be healthy?

Well, we know, before we have asked that question itself- you have the answer right under your sleeve. For those who are still puzzled, the answer is a grave NO!

Now leaving that healthy aspect aside, researchers also try to find a steady and workable solution for obesity. Since at least 80% of the world's population seems to be eating unhealthy and fat filled delicacies, the obesity rates have been soaring high at an alarming rate.

So, with this is mind, a study was done at the Brigham Young University. This research gave way to some exciting foodie finding. Let us understand what it is all about.

The Doc is Talking!

As per the researchers they have summed a few queer but very interesting instructions.

If you happen to be eating, you need to follow the following:

  • Use no earbuds
  • Listen to no music
  • Quit watching TV 

Ok, all such distractions have be kept outside the scene of your dining table. Then what is possible?

What noise is acceptable?

It has been noticed that if you make a lot of noise while eating food, it ensures that you have a tendency to eat the right fill only.

By noise it means that, the person should chew well and that sound emitted gives way to a healthy appetite.

Though the research began for a cure to obesity, the research led to a fact that children and adults who eat less, will get a lot of benefits from this method.

Also, it helps obese people keep a check on what goes into their mouth.

So, in short, you can munch on, or chomp on and reap a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits.

Crunch Effect

So,what is this effect?

It means that you need to chew your food well.

When you chew, it would naturally bring out sounds like crunch or slurp, or some squishy sound. This is said to have a positive effect on the person

You become more aware of your surroundings as there is no external sound, apart from what you eat. This conscious feeling will either make you restrict your diet or it could happen the other way round. 

Just like your mouth waters when you hear the sizzling pan, or even how your appetite builds as your hear the sound of a stir fry, the same way- your chomp your help you pay more attention to your diet.

As per the research, even a continual mastication process or rather a repeated chewing session can have its effects on the mouth, saliva, taste buds and our mental thoughts to realize on how much we should or ought not to eat.

So, this goes to prove that sound has a very important sensory touch on our eating habits.

What if you don’t listen to your sound?

Well, research shows that if you do not pay attention to what you eat, and instead watch the football game, it is going to either make you overeat or under eat. Because you have no track of what and how much is in your plate.

So, what’s next?

There is no better solution, that keeping aside those smartphones, and shutting down that TV and just peacefully sitting at the table and enjoying a chomp, chomp meal!

Try it and you will see the difference.