Heard of the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Well, if dullness was the problem during the olden days, then today if you are inactive- it could lead to a lot of dangerous problems. So, read on and understand why sitting all day can not just make you a dull person- but in fact a sick person!

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Five Reasons Why You must Not Sit All Day at Work


Mentally down? Do not feel like communicating with anyone? Like to be cocooned in your world of imaginations or thoughts? Does that sound similar to what you are going through? Worry not but it is good if you can blame it on your working style. If you are the one who needs to sit a lot while working- you better think over.

Research shows that when a person sit for too long in one position, he tends to get lazy and overthink about very silly topics. Such situations will depress a person which is why their minds get into a phase of depression. So, eventually this reduces their stamina and concentration levels thereby reducing their output in work.

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This is one of the most deadly diseases that can eat into your mental peace and life quickly. If patients do not understand the silent symptoms that are caused due to diabetes, this could be a very fatal situation. 

First of all, you need to understand that the pancreas will stop functioning if you sit too long or lie down in an idle position. That is when the pancreas will reduce their produce of insulin and thereby this is what will cause the disease called diabetes mellitus. So, in short, the more sugar gets accumulated in the body and that is what causes diabetes in a person.

Heart Attacks 

The more time you spent sitting and doing any sort of work without much movement- it could be dangerous. Jobs that include data entry, drivers, clerks, librarians will have such problems in the long run. When a person sits idle, the metabolism rate of the person will reduce drastically. 

Once the metabolism rates decrease, the blood in the body is said to be tensed and thereby the speed at which it flows will reduce and cause discomfort within the body. If you are thinking about what sort of problems, then the cycle goes like this. When the blood is pumped faster, the muscles and blood vessels work faster, thereby a lot of calories are burnt in the process. Therefore more pumping of blood, means that fat that is deposited near the heart muscles will get burnt out.

So, that will reduce the chances of blockages within the body. So, if you do not engage in any substantial movements, fat builds in and around the heart muscles and that would eventually lead to the development of deadly heart attacks.


Now this is a health issue that is predominantly suffered by many people around the world, especially people in developed countries. It has affected many adults and children alike and medical experts reveal that sedentary lifestyles will cause such problems. 

What a sedentary lifestyle does is that the body becomes very idle due to lack of any physical activity. So, when a person sits at the computer for 5-6 hours at a stretch, fat will get set and form a large mass in various parts of the body. Since the body is not moving, no calorie is getting burnt and therefore the person will tend to automatically put on weight.


The lack of feel in the limbs is what numbness is all about. When the body cannot react to the sense of touch and cannot even feel basic temperatures like hot or cold, this is what the phenomenon of numbness is all about. 

What relation does numbness and sitting got with each other? It is strange, but yes they have  a connection – a not so good connection. When a person sits for many hours, various medical experiments that were performed under the supervision of experts revealed that – sitting too long can hurt the nervous system of the body. This in a short span of time will make the nerves weak and thereby numbness will set into the body. Once numbness sets in, it will be difficult to bend or curl the limbs as and when required. Researchers say that numbness occurs because the blood flow to a particular part of the body gets restrained.

The Two Sides of the Coin

The above listed problems are what happens if you remain sitting for very long hours of work. But the beauty of nature is that you can find a cure to every problem that you face in life. What are those cures that can solve the above mentioned dangerous problems.

Love your work? And just cannot get up from there! We understand that such situations are possible especially for those who are watching and working in stock trading firms. 

  • If you get someone to watch over your table for a few minutes, it would be great. Take a few brisk walks around the office and come back.
  • Next, avoid the extra snacks that aid in developing more into the body.
  • Drink liquids, not the sugary ones. Drink lime water as it helps to burn calories.
  • Make sure that you never sit for more than one and half hours. Get up and walk around.

So, keep all this in mind, stay away from the problems of sitting idle while you are at work!