From treats, to vegetables and fruits- there are numerous foods that can actually bring down the level of diabetes in the world. Here below, you can get to know various researches that focus on helping people out of the clutches of diabetes.

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Let's us get down to chomping down good food everyday and every time. Apart from driving away diabetes, it can also help detox the body and ensure the body has a controlled level of metabolism.

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Heard of the Vitamin D cure?

During a recent study done at the Salk Institute, they found that diabetes can be reduced and then completely wiped from the body with the help of vitamin D. How is that possible?

Facts about the Vitamin D cure for Diabetes

  • Diabetes is caused when the beta cells go haywire!
  • The beta cells are produced by pancreas and they are the ones responsible for releasing the hormone called insulin.
  • So, when the beta cells do not function properly, they are not able to produce the enough insulin that will help to control the blood sugar levels and glucose in the body. This could - if unchecked- become fatal to the person.
  • The study further revealed that diabetes is one diseases that develops in the body due to inflammation.
  • It was found that vitamin D has the natural property to modulate the production and functioning of beta cells. It also can control the inflammation levels of the cells and that is very helpful for the patient.
  • At first this sort of mechanism seemed very puzzling. But from a series of tests, it was found that viamin D can strengthen certain genes and these in turn will aid the cells from protecting themselves.
  • With vitamin D the resistance power of the cell increases and thereby curbs the inflammation process.

Point To Note: Check out for foods with Vitamin D like fish such as mackerel, salmon, then cheese, and egg yolks etc. Consult your doctor and take the right prescriptions to keep that diabetes under scrutiny.

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Gut Bacteria and Good Food: Fights Diabetes !

Well, that is definitely happy news for us. Life would be much easier without having any extra medicine and still keeping a tab on diabetes. The researchers at Monash University's Biomedicine Discovery Institute have a beautiful research that will uncover the magic of the Human Gut.

Facts about how good food and gut bacteria and diabetes

  • Fiber rich food like raw veggies, fruits, and even fruit juices have a lot of fiber that has to be broken down during the digestion process.
  • During the digestion process, it is the gut that stands to be the hero and life saver for any person.
  • The gut contains microbiola which in other words is called the gut bacteria.
  • It aids in the fermentation process and that is what causes proper digestion. During the fermentation process, it releases chemicals like acetate and butyrate.
  • These two above mentioned chemicals are known to have properties that can protect the body against Type 1 Diabetes. 
  • Plus, it was noticed that the more these chemicals are used appropriately, it improves the immunity tolerance of the person.

Point To Note: You should ensure that you take more salads, and fresh foods that are wholesome and organic in your daily diet. This will bring the increasing glucose levels under control without the intake of harmful medicines.

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Soy Foods: Keeps Diabetes At Bay

Nutrition based scientists have an interesting science to tell us about how soy foods work upon the body and how it can solve the problem of the ever growing diabetes.

Facts about how Soy Foods help curb the Effects of Diabetes

  • The research team at University of Massachusets Amherst have found that soy has more hidden goodness that we can ever think about.
  • Soy contains bioactive compounds that are known by the term isoflavones.
  • These compounds help solve two medical problems and they are heart diseases and diabetes.
  • With respect to diabetes, through a couple of tests they have proven to reduce the cholesterol levels,  and also bring the glucose levels under control.
  • Once the glucose levels are reduced, it will bring in more tolerance levels to the way the body produce glucose on a daily level.

Point To Note: With regard to soy, there are lots of products in the market now. You can use soy milk, fresh soy beans, soy curd or better known as tofu and even any dish that can be prepared from soy. It is a legume that is easily available and one of the best for old people. Apart from that, it is also said to be very good for women who have menopause related issues.

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Cocoa Treats: Diabetes Cure can be fun now!

Why not? Most of us do like our sweet treats, and when research announces that cocoa is good for a diabetic patient, then maybe it is time you head to the grocery store and enjoy a cocoa rich dessert in a perfectly guilt free manner. This was one interesting study that was conducted at the American College of Cardiology. Take a Look!

Facts about Cocoa could help bring down the level of diabetes in your body

  • Before we step into the fine details, let me tell you that here we are dealing with pure cocoa or maybe in simpler language- dark chocolate. The more chocolate the sweet contains, the less sweet it is- then that is what we need to attack that disease called Diabetes.
  • Cocoa consumption is actually for the human body. It is said to aid the blood vessels to function in a more controlled manner.
  • Cocoa contains a compound called Flavanois. It is the same component that you may notice in tea leaves, red wine and certain organic vegetables and fruits.
  • For the test, the patients were served cocoa based drinks for over a month and they saw a huge positive improvement.
  • The researchers noticed that the cells that were severely impaired could regain strength and come back to normal. This was really good news to both the medical world and the patients.
  • As per their research they found that the flavanois has a peculiar way of alerting the body system to control the body's metabolism levels.
  • Once a strong cocoa drink is drunk, the flavanois streams down through the arteries. This process causes the arteries to relax and thereby increases the normal blood flow.
  • Through this process, the toxins in the body can be flushed out. This aids in eliminating any fat and excess sugars that lie clogged in the body.

Point To Note: With this research in mind, you can switch to a healthy choco drink everyday. Also, take care that you don't go overboard. Do not add loads of sugar and milk. Then the effect of cocoa is surely lost. The point of cocoa is to cleanse and bring the sugars back to normal. Go ahead and have your cuppa of hot cocoa without guilt now!

So, those were four foodie filled researches that we have given you! Liked it, Then make sure that you share this valid piece of information to your family and friends who suffer from Diabetes.