Symptoms of Actinic Keratosis: All you need to know about ‘The Pre Cancer Symptoms’

A single sign of skin deformation will be known as Actinic Keratosis(AKs) whereas, if you notice a couple of them – it will be called as Keratoses.

A point to remember: if ever you have spotted more than two bruises or scars that came out of nowhere, just remind yourself – that more will develop and follow the line.

So, cure at a earlier stage.

As it was mentioned in the overview- if you do not treat a lesion at the right time, it could aggravate and develop into highly deadly Squamous cell carcinomas or in some rare cases- it could develop into basal cell carcinomas.

Another medical discovery revealed that some actinic keratosis can convert itself to Actinic Cheilitis. This is a form of cancer that affects just the mouth and lips areas. It affects the outer skin of the mouth more often and if not treated- it could spread to the internal organs making the situation quite deadly.

Do get a better idea about AKs, know it from Here!

Early Detection of Aks and Self Examination

Notice a couple a weird looking rash or bump on your skin. Run your hand over it and feels like sand paper, you need to get it checked as soon as possible.

Visit the nearest hospital and understand from an experienced doctor whether this skin formation is cancerous or not. How do you spot the hidden Actinic Keratosis? Prevention is better than cure, so keep a close watch on your body.

Areas where you would spot the keratoses:

Check your lips, ears, earlobes, face, neck, back of neck, scalp, arms, forearms, wrists, palms, legs and feet, hands, shoulders and even your back. This is a collection of areas where Aks are mostly noticed.

You should understand three basic points:

  1. One is that Actinic Keratosis gets developed in areas where your body would be constantly exposed to the sun.
  2. Even if you feel, you have a sunburn. Soothe the sun burn, but keep watching whether this will develop into warts, or swollen reddish bumps.
  3. Last, is that, if you feel that your thighs or other parts of the body will get exposed to the sun or some tanning process, then keep a watch on your body.

Signs and shapes of Actinic Keratosis that you need to note:

  • The spots could be: Actinic Keratosis could be small light bumps Some of them dry a bit and would look like bumps with small thin horns and would have scaly dry skin over them.
  • The base portion of the swelling will be light coloured or have a tanned or pinkish tinge to it.
  • Of course, as the blood within the boil dries, it will look a bit more dark coloured.
  • If the keratoses get worse, the colour of warts, lesions, swellings change to dark purple or brown sometimes. At first, these spots would look nothing more than a beauty spot.
  • Then in some cases, they itch and grow a bit more bigger. It tends to spread to nearby areas. Like for example, sometimes it could be a small reddish or yellowish wart at the tip of ear lobe. This could spread down below and there are chances of moving to the back of the neck.

What causes Aks?

  • The sun is the main reason for most of the Actinic Keratosis cases.
  • Even if you are walking on a cloudy day, you are bound to face the threat of UV rays. The more time in the sun’s rays – the more risk you fall into.
  • Other reasons would be: the UV radiations that come across from lamps and lights of different kinds.

Who are affected the most?

The fairer your skin is, the more you at risk. This is what medical research shows.

Those people who have freckles, or pimples and regularly go to beaches or outdoor work sites- wear appropriate clothing and apply sun screen lotions before stepping out.

Should you be concerned or fear Actinic Keratosis?

  • A reality is that sometimes Actinic Keratosis remain calm and are dead cells.
  • They could burst into a boil and then die down. So in such situations- you are safe.
  • But sometimes, these may dry out and spread internally to other organs. Whereas, in other cases, these form into pus boils and rashes spread all over the body .

This is very dangerous. It can get invasive before you ever realize.

Since this for of skin cancer works behind the screen very stealthily- it is safe, to test all such lesions. Why risk your life due to laziness? Because later on it could cost a lifetime of money, peace of mind and the most important of all- your life!

So, take note of what goes in and around your body always.