Hey with the holiday buzz all over, we all might have dunked into serious partying.  And yes, we all know that alcohol is a part and parcel of every party.

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We all have those bad days and exceptionally happy times in our life. Plus, some of us do indulge in some weekend fun – by going for an alcohol binge.  But some people do get affected very badly.

Hangxiety Aka Anxiety During A Hangover

Hangxiety is a new term that has been found in the medical world. It is a complicated combo of anxiety and hangover.

After a heavy drink for the whole night, many people suffer from an irritating and nagging hangover. During the party, people have fun, enjoy company, have drinks and snacks and are most of time- very happy. This high feeling- makes them forget any bad memories or rather help them to put aside any ill feelings, tensions and sorrows or failures in life.

But after that, the problem begins.

  • The next morning, when their senses are back- reality and life are still shining the same as before. This point of realization is what causes all the problem.
  • When a person comes crashing down to the face of present problems, and other happenings, they suddenly feel that lost and isolated.

This causes a lot of anxiety in the person and that is what is named as Hangxiety.

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Who get affected by Hangxiety the most? Research reveals

The research that was conducted at the University of Exeter have a few things to bring to our knowledge.

  • People do feel down a bit after a night of heavy drinking and partying but that won’t make them depressed and totally down.
  • But if you are a shy person, and have had drinks the previous night, then the dilemma of hangxiety will have more adverse effect on you.
  • Compared to extrovert friends, the shy lot of people will face more of the consequences of hangxiety.

The Truth Behind Hangxiety

In normal cases, when a person drinks alcohol, the body develops a steady flow of dopamine o the brains. This gives a false sense of high feeling and thereby reduces any internal fears that knock the person’s minds.

  • But after a few hours, when the effect of the alcohol sinks down- the person sees the truth in front of them. 
  • They feel nervous to face people, responsibilities and challenges in life.
  • They are essentially shy in nature. So, the shift from high to reality affects them really adversely.
  • This same problem is seen to exist for people who have phobias and Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

How should you deal with Hangxiety?

According to research, you need to understand that shyness is no disease- so do not feel down because of that. We need to deal with our problems- be it mental or physical.

Instead of walking away from hard core reality, admit and accept that shyness has to be faced and surely drinking is not a solution for this.

It is better to be quiet and have a quiet night, rather than drinking and doubling the effect of anxiety with drinking.  You have a light drink, but social drinking can mostly make the shy person go overboard.

Still, please note that drinking and anxiety related problems can be managed. 

  • First, remember that you should never over indulge in alcohol.
  • Talk to your friends and psychologists about this.  Good family members and friends can help you more than you think.
  • If you need distractions to deviate from your shyness, go for dinners, camp nights, and the like- where you focus on good communication , good food and music.
  • The alcohol will distort you and so don’t drink to a limit that you lose your senses.

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Advice for all Alcohol Drinkers

Since this article pertains to the ill effects of drinking on shy people, this does not mean – it is okay for others to do so,

  • Remember that problem will get solved with the gulp of that drink. Face and find solutions. Shyness is no demon that will be behind your back.
  • Admit, and I say, please admit it out loud- that shyness needs your attention.
  • Find people, society, activities and medications to get out of the clutches of the bad side of shyness.

Point of Advice: Never let the alcohol control your feelings and emotions. This is because once the effect of the alcohol dies from your body- then you will be left in mid air. So, drink wisely, and deal with shyness in a planned and steady manner.