Fish oil - as smelly as it may be, it is an excellent way to enrich your body with omega -3 fatty acids. It is not only beneficial for children and adults, it can also be beneficial for the unborn baby in the womb. 

Fish oil capsules can protect your baby right from the womb!

Pregnancy is such a joyful time. The first trimester, you anticipate the growth of the bump. In the second, you begin to love the bump and totally enjoy the attention your bump gets you. By the third trimester, the countdown starts. You can hardly wait to meet your little baby. 

All throughout pregnancy, there is a profound emphasis on the food that an expectant mother eats.  Along with satisfying the weird cravings, vitamins and supplements are an integral part of the mommy’s diet.

If you or our spouse have allergies, it is only normal that you worry if your child will have the same allergies too. Turns out, there is something you can do to make sure your baby is better immune to allergies. Researchers at the Imperial College London revealed that if pregnant mothers diet included daily intake of a daily fish oil capsule, the risk of egg allergy in the child was reduced by about 30 percent. The benefits of being allergy free were found if the mothers took the fish oil capsule right from 20 weeks all the way till about 4 months after delivery and also during breastfeeding. 

If eczema is what is worrying you, then fret not. Researchers have found a possible solution for that too. It has been discovered that the risk of a child developing eczema was reduced by 22 percent if the mother took a daily probiotic supplement in the last trimester of pregnancy and also during the first six months of breastfeeding. For long, there has been a speculation that what a pregnant woman eats can affect the future health of the unborn baby. 

About 1 in 20 children in the UK have allergies. Common allergens are nuts, egg, milk wheat and gluten.  Allergic reactions are a result of the immune system going berserk when harmless foods enter the system. Rashes, swelling, vomiting are the allergic reactions most commonly found. Even peanut allergies were reduced by 38 percent when mothers included kingfish oil supplements in their diet during pregnancy. 

Does eating fish have the same benefits as fish oil supplements

So you love fish and absolutely hate pills. Is it still possible for you to have the aforementioned benefits for their babies? Turns out, yes! You can. Children whose mothers followed a diet rich in omega three fatty acids in the last trimester had very less likelihood of developing breathing associated problems. So how much fish should you eat in the last trimester to reap such benefits? To reap such benefits, mothers are advised to at least 2-3 portions of omega -3 rich fish in a week.

Multiple sclerosis and fish oils

Eating fish can reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS). This is not a hoax. Researchers at American Academy of Neurology have made an interesting revelation that fish oils can help prevent MS. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system. Myelin is a fatty substance that is responsible for protecting the nerves. In multiple sclerosis, the body’s immune system starts to act up and attacks the myelin in the body.  This causes signaling issues between the brain and the rest of the body. As yet, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. 

Regularly consuming omega-3 rich fish can help prevent multiple sclerosis. In this research conducted by American Academy of Neurology, about 1153 participants took place in the research. There were about half of these participants who had MS. The diets of all these participants were analyzed. It was found that those who ate fish regularly or took fish oil supplements regularly had about 45% reduced risk of developing MS. 

Which Omega-3 source is the best?

Once you’ve decided that an omega-3 rich diet is what you want. How do you decide to choose from the available sources of Omega -3? If we are talking about cancer prevention. Then researchers at the University of Guelph have revealed that Omega-3s from fish sources are more effective than Omega- 3 present in flaxseed and other oils. Though omega-3 rich eggs or DHA milk all have cancer prevention properties, two to three servings of fish in a week was much better at cancer prevention than any of them.

So, decide to eat right and supplement your diet with fish oil capsules or include at least 2 portions of omega-3 fatty fish in your diet