Tea has always been know to be good for the body. It is one beverage that is good for all ages and plus contains a lot of antioxidant properties. Here, we have a special news for you.

Recently research proved that a certain type of tea is much more beneficial for the body compared to the other types of tea. This is called the White Tea.  A very delicately flavoured drink that is sourced with a lot of care and given to the people at exorbitant prices. 

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This research revealed that white tea is not a built up hype of goodness- but there is some reality in it. So, let’s see what that is all about.

Researchers Take on White Tea

Tea is one most prepared and drunk beverages around the world. Apart from water, this is something that people prefer at any time of the day. The way this beverage is brewed and prepared around the world.

Tea experts feel that the way a tea is prepared can alter the taste of tea. So, a simple cup of tea can go from a cup of boiled tasteless liquid to a fine cup of simple but tasty and refreshing tea.

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The Crucial Factors that make a cup of tea extra special: according to researchers.

As per a recent study conducted at the Institute of Food Technologists, it was found that:

  • The temperature at which tea is brewed will define the strength and flavour of the tea.
  • The length of the tea leaves will define the goodness of the white tea. The white tea properties are present in the smallest and most tender of tea leaves you can find in the market.

Different tests were done for this research study.

White, black and green tea was taken for the study and each one was boiled and then left to rest for different periods of time. Each one of these mixes gave a different result.

Difference in terms of flavour and also the antioxidant content in that specific cup of tea.

A lot of trials were conducted and below we are giving a summary of what was finally stated as the best combinations: 

White Tea: The longer time the tea leaves are kept covered in boiled water in an undisturbed place, the more antioxidants are said to be released. If this set of tea buds, and tea leaves are boiled on the stove top – even for a few seconds- this will kill all the life and goodness of the leaf.

So, as per the researchers, that would be the same as boiling any leaf that would find on the streets and they would not give away any sort of vitamins or goodness to us.

Green Tea: This type of tea is is the best quality when you place the tea leaves in lukewarm water and then steep it for about one to two hours. That will bring the essence of the leaves in the best and most efficient way.

The researchers have commented that green tea is rich in chlorophyll which can be obtained only if the water is not too hot. In most cases, too much heat destroys the composition of the leaf. 

Black Tea: This is the strongest variety of tea leaves. Since it is made from a bit more mature leaves of the tea plant, it does need a lot of hot water. So, only if you place the leaves in boiling water and then boil covered for a few minutes, and then leave to steep for about 5 minutes- the essence of a strong cup of tea can be felt.

Each variety of tea is different depending on how young the leaves are. So, in this case, the leaves  need a bit more heat to allow those healthy oils and antioxidants to get released from the leaf.

Note: White tea contains the most amount of antioxidants and it is followed by green tea. Black tea is most prominent on the tea flavour rather than goodness.

What is the goodness of having White Tea?

Keeps away Heart disease

White tea when drunk has the power to control and soothe whole circulatory system of the body. So,  research shows that if a normal adult is able to drink at least two cups of white tea at any time of the day, then that would keep away most of the problems related to the formation of heart diseases in a person.

Filled with Antioxidants

Tea is known to have a property of emitting free radicals for the body. The better part of the story is that white tea has more antioxidants than the black tea. If prepared wit a little care, you can get your daily dose of antioxidants. That is more than enough to fight away those unwanted bacteria that attack the body from inside.

Your teeth will be protected

Our teeth over time will suffer decay, discolouration and cavities. So, in normal cases, we take the subsidiary treatments for the same. But researchers have noticed that White tea has a bit of fluoride and tannins content in it. Fluoride helps to drive away any decay and close any sort of cavities that may erupt in due course of time. Tannins on the other hand is a polyphenol that helps fight away the  plaque that attacks the teeth and the gums constantly. 

Fights Diabetes to an extent

All of us have insulin in our body. It is this insulin that releases the stored nutrients of the body into the blood stream as and when it is needed. But in certain people, due to high sugar consumption0 the body stops reacting to the insulin flow. At this point the body falls prey to many diseases. 

For this White tea enhances the strength of insulin in our body. That helps it to fight against the incapability of the body.

Stress Reliever

Too much stress and feel anxiety surging up your nerves? Does this affect your sleep and peace of mind? Then it is time you have about three cups of tea daily to ease the tension and frustration that fills your mind. This will also avoid problems like over eating and reduce overweight problems.

Cancer fighting compounds

White Tea has the property to act anti- cancerous on the cells of the body. It inhibits the survival and growth the cancer cells in all parts of the body. So, during the study, they also found that large quantities of white tea was drunk to bring a control on the cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

Aging process slows down

Aging is a natural process and we cannot stop it. But genetically and due to certain wrong lifestyles,  people age a lot faster than the normal rate. So, for such people, researchers and medical dieticians recommend that they include white tea as part of their fluid intake. This slows down the cell from degenerating, improves the skin and also avoids the muscles from sagging at a faster rate.

Tea – Your New Health Companion

Keeping this is mind, we can understand that a cup of white tea holds more life that we can ever imagine. As the saying goes, Old is Gold, stick to the old and humble ways of life. Use natural forms of medicines and foods that help to combat a lot of illnesses and ailments that seep into our lives unknowingly.

Educate your minds to use the best lifestyle for a better and brighter future.