How many of you like honey? Yeah, I know you can add to your pancakes, pour into your fresh juices and drizzle away straight into your mouth! Just as much as it is sweet, so is it good for your health. 

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Did you know that it could burn off those unwanted calories? If no, then that is just one classic benefit of  honey. The next two ones that follow below- are outstanding researches done by various unviersities to prove the value of honey in our lives – both for children, toddlers and even adults.

So, go ahead and appreciate the value of this liquid gold!

What is Honey?

Let us start with basics. You may find honey in the supermarket aisles, but do you know how this is procured?

This is a thick substance that is obtained from bees. The bees roam around the whole day and suck out nectar from various wild flowers.

Then this nectar when mixed with their natural enzymes, develops into the so called liquid gold called honey.

Apart from the taste, the honey can go some serious medical benefits and that is what we are going to look into.

Say Bye to Wounds 

Wounds are bound to happen for a person at any age. And for this, next time, apply a dab of pure, organic honey rather than some medicinal creams. You will notice the difference of good and clean living.  

How Honey can Prevent Wound Infections?

  • At the Society of General Microbiology, the research found that honey has a natural property of clearing out wound infections and also preventing them from spreading in the body.
  • In the study, it had been noticed that when the body is wounded, it is bound to be affected a lot of bacteria. This if not cleaned and treated well will lead to a lot of infections in the body.
  • And they found that a special type of honey called the Manuka Honey is what that can help the most.  
  • The plus point in this is that when honey is applied to the wounds, it helps to cure such wounds that have been previously resisting the power of antibiotics. 
  • In normal cases, when there are certain wounds that remain stubborn enough not to heal, the situation can get a bit critical.
  • The bacteria that had developed within the wound sticks together and that further develops into biofilms. 
  • These films act as an invisible sheet to block the entry of drugs into the body. It also prevents the tissues from binding together and that is what causes the wound to worsen over time.

What is special about the Manukha Honey?

The Manukha honey has been used for centuries by many age old civilizations.

  • The nectar is obtained from the Manukha tree and it is supposedly very powerful to stop the survival of any bacteria that affects the human body. 
  • The Manukha honey is said to inhibit the spread of more than 80 species of bacteria and researchers feel that still it has the capacity to a lot more.
  • The honey will disrupt the communication between the bacteria and thereby the biofilms will stop from forming.

How do you use it?

When a wound is there, dab about 15 ml of honey on a sterile cloth and apply gently on the wound. Then dress the wound and this can be repeated 3 times a day.

Swallowed a button battery? Next step, swallow honey

At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia , there was a peculiar and rather interesting case of what happens if a child swallows a button battery?

Of course, you may think that you could take them to the hospital and find a solution. But still, some toddlers are way too small to express the blunder that they may have done.

Or perhaps even if a child did tell you – that revelation could be hours after the real accident happened?

Or you may take a while before you reach the nearest hospital, So, in such cases what do you do?

Facts about how to save a child who swallowed a battery

Once a child swallows a battery, i could cause disastrous effects on the child. So, according to the research is a small child swallows a button battery- it is a safe and wise idea to give them some organic honey immediately. 

Once a child has ingested a battery, it can cause deadly effects within two hours of the swallowing. It may also cause a lot of oesophageal injury and that can get deadly.

How will you understand that a child has swallowed the battery?

  • Sometimes, toddlers do not even realize that they would have swallowed such a metallic object, but over a period of time, this will show on their body.
  • The battery will react with the saliva and also the tissues of the oesophagus. This in turn will create an alkaline solution.
  • That would cause sore throats, difficulty in breathing, fever, noise filed breathing pattern, cough and also a lot of difficulty while swallowing food.
  • If children show these signs, it is wise that you take them to the doctor as quickly s possible.

How does honey work?

When honey is given, it reduces the alkalinity of the battery and hence will not cause a lot of disastrous effects on the child.

Still this has to be taken out as quickly as possible.

The Honey Filled Aid

You never know what injury comes by your way in life. So, stay safe and make sure to always have a jar of honey in your pantry.

This is one effective remedy that was used by our ancestors for centuries and somehow – we tend to forget all this.

With more importance given to chemical and quick reaction  medicines, people leave the natural options of life.

But, Honey is one natural food product that can preserve, cure and even fight back the infections that make their way into our lives. 

Keep reading, as more health benefits of honey will be shared with you.