This is one of the latest and most shocking researches that have been coughed up by the researchers at the University of Bath .

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If we move over the pages of medical history, we can find that some of biggest viruses were those that were born in the names of influenza,  cough, chicken pox and much more. 

Then hover a bit more into other diseases, and you will find how the world has strayed into the ghastly world of diseases like AIDS, cancer and so many more infectious and deadly diseases.

I pity the dilemma our medical world faces, one disease after another and still the world is never free of any this tragedy.

 What is the Deadly Disease that affects us?

Surely, all treatments costs an arm and a leg, and people are struggling to make the best out of the means they have.

Now, the latest research reveals that you need to think twice or perhaps ten times before you go for a surgery. Of course, sometimes, surgeries are inevitable. 

It is time to bid adieu to Ecoli, for there are much worse diseases that affect us. 

A bacteria called the Staphylococcus epidermidis (which happens to be a relative of the MRSA) has been recently spotted out to harm people who have just done with their surgery.


This was noticed when many people started getting infections after their surgeries. 

The biggest problem was that the bacteria survived in the blood of  the person. 

It had the power to attack the antibiotics that the person had after a surgery.

So, consequently the person would lose their resistance power and will be heavily prone to a lot of diseases.

The researchers have classified this bacteria as a deadly pathogen and they are working their way to finding a strong cure for the same.  

These infections can be fatal as it spreads into the body really quickly. 

The bad news is that: Many people have passed away in th UK, post their surgeries. And still more families will face the wrath of this disease, if it is not stopped in time.

The bacteria develops in the form of a bug and it has the capability to adapt according to the body it lives in. Another huge danger that it shows is that – it has the strength to multiply in large numbers. This is what attacks the body in one shot from all directions.

There have been cases when the same bug mutates itself to develop and suit the genes it gets into.

So, that makes it even more difficult for the medical world to keep track of its movement and growth.

The Fears That Lie Ahead

Operations and surgeries are the solution for many diseases and handicapped people.

Take for example the prosthetic joint replacement surgery- really does help the person mive ahead in life. 

But now with this horrendous bacteria in sight, medical practitioners are crossing their fingers and hoping to find some miraculous drug to bring an end to this Bug.