The heat is hitting our skin badly and now we have quite a handful of skin problems to attend to. What are they?

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10 Some Skin Problems to watch out for!


Who likes acnes? No one and they can get very stubborn to leave by your side. You can avoid the sweat that sticks on to on a hot day. But surely you can keep yourself dry. If you don’t, then this can mix in with the body secretions and external bacteria that linger onto the human skin. That accumulates in the pores of the skin and breaks into acnes.

Prickly Heat

When the heat reaches a level that is unbearable, we tend to sweat profusely. Then the sweat glands start to get blocked and cause small itchy bumps all over the area. The resemble bubbles filled with sweat and when the bubbles burst- it cause an irritating sensation to the person.

Fungal Infections

Now this is one aspect of infections that you must pay heed to. In armpits, inner thighs, toes, under the breast, groin, and even the lower abdomen, where the flesh stays in folds, sweat will tend to stay there for long hours.  Such warm environments will allow the fungal bacteria to thrive and spread fast. For this, you need to consult the doctor and take the appropriate anti- fungal creams and tablets.

Razor Danger

Beauty experts state that it is a good idea to shave off that unwanted hair in your armpits and also the body hair during the hot season. It will control the odor and also the amount of sweat that lingers on near the enclosed areas of the body. But sometimes, the more you shave, and especially if your razor is not sharp, or if it contains any bacteria- this can affect the shaved areas. That can cause cuts which can turn into infections and bumps. So, always make sure your razors are kept in clean and dry places.


Too much sun can cause pigmentation to all parts of the body. More so, it can affect the body parts that are most exposed to the sun.  The UV trays play a role in creating uneven tones in various parts of the skin and that tends to lead to pigmentation. When this case gets acute, the skin can blister, or flare up and can get painful.


These look like small pimples, but will be filled with pus. If they are not treated well, it can spread to other parts of the body. A reason for this is, the bacteria that develop from the sweat that sticks onto the body for long hours.


We all have hair follicles and that is where each strand of hair grows from. Sometimes, due to excess sweat, bacteria can form in these pores and cause the follicles to get infected. It is called folliculitis. The infected follicles will tend to look like reddened pimples and can come up anywhere on the face, armpits, neck, buttocks, back and these will be tender to touch.

Sore Backs

Spend some time in the beach or played some cool sports outdoors on a hot day? Then if this is everyday lifestyle, you are bound to get acnes in the back. They can be itchy, red, tender and at time painful too. Try applying prickly heat powders when you roam bare in the sun.

Sun Burns

If a fire can fry up your chips, then you can imagine how much more powerful are the UV rays of the sun.  They can be kept at bay only by using sunscreen lotions and staying away from the hot direct sunlight.


By fever, we mean the skin gets sick. So, there are chances that a person skin rashes, scaly skin, blisters could form and the extreme cases will show cases of viral fever. The person will be dehydrated and exhausted from the wrath of the hot sun.

Also, hot season is the time when measles and chickenpox can spurt out like wildfire. So, look after your body and keep note of any unusual boils or tenderness or redness in any part of the body.

This is an endless list of skin problems that we have at hand, and if not clean this could develop into serious skin issues.