Not many people like drinking water and do you fall in that category? In fact, this advice may be constantly ringing in your ears- Drink more water! And still this ritual seems to be a kinda of nuisance.

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If so, it may be good that you change water drinking habits- because lack of water could cause a great deal of problems.

Well, these were said with a purpose and to this day- the importance of water stands to hold a phenomenal position in improving our health. Water touches our mind and body in terms of good health, good skin, complexion, hair and digestion and this list will go on.

Here, we plan to show you how to drink your water the right way. Why is that so important? (you may be thinking). This is not any way, but the way that Ayurveda teaches us.

Ayurveda encompasses the perfect way to live, breathe, eat, sleep, and so much more. So, in this, the studies also teach us the most proper way to drink water.

Note: We are talking about drinking regular, fresh, clean drinking water and not other liquids like beverages, sugary drinks, aerated drinks or energy drinks. Just good ol’ plain water is what our body needs the most.

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The Ayurvedic Style of Drinking Water

According to the age old healing methodology of life, you will not gain any benefits by just drinking some water. Rather, there is a ‘right way’ to drink your glass of water. Heard about that? If not, take cues from us by reading further on.

Water Tip that you should in mind:

It is not how much water your drink, it is the way, time and frequency by which you drink water. Period.

These are simple tips that all should know, but many a time- we never understand the value of the same.

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#Tip 1:  Early Morning Water

First thing in the morning- drink water, according to the age old Ayurveda Gurus. 

Why is that so?

You would have been sleeping for 6- 8 hours and the body would have lost most of its water content. Drinking water will help hydrate and keep the body fresh.

Also, early morning is a good time to expel all the toxins and wastes from the body. So, if you have about 2 glasses of warm water early morning- this aids in cleansing the digestive systems, and flushing out toxins from the body system.

Plus, drink early morning and you can ward off a lot of hidden infections that may have accumulated in the body. For example, water can prevent dryness and thereby keep away skin  infections and even bladder infections to a large extent.

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#Tip 2:  Sip a Little

What do you do normally? Thirsty means, gulping down a gallon of water in a second? That sounds like most of us! 

Well, here is the cue: Water is not to be gulped down, just sipped!

Why is that so?

You see, we need to drink water according to other body types. As per research, water is to be taken into the body in a gentle and smooth process. 

If you swallow a great deal of water in one shot, the body will find it difficult to absorb and penetration of liquids into the body system will not be fruitful.

So,  the excess water may just be expelled without the body even absorbing the minerals present in the water.

Drinking bit by bit at regular intervals is a safe and proven method to lose weight. So, for people who want to lose weight, just have water 30 minutes before your meals. But for a lean or underweight person, it is only wise to have at least one hour before eating a meal.

Water drunk before meals can aid in the digestion process and that is particularly good for all ages.

#Tip 3:  Absorb what you drink

So, we keep drinking water, and if this acts like an overload for the body- was the act of drinking water of any use for the body? 

We don’t think so, and have a solution for the same

How can I improve water absorption of the body?

A sign that you must watch out for: If you pee a lot after drinking a lot of water, then probably the body is just not absorbing what you fed it about an hour ago. Now, that is not good!

Instead try, adding a pinch of salt to your water and then drink. It should not taste salty, and try to add in any mineral unrefined salt like the Himalayan salt variety.

#Tip 4:  Lukewarm is the best

We love our cold water during the hot summers, but as per old medical researches and even the latest – cold water is actually not good for the body.

What is wrong with cold water?

Nothing in specific, but yes, research reveals that it is the temperature of the body that causes all the problem. 

We all have a sort of fire to get the digestive juices burning always. Now, as per Ayurvedic Science, a sudden gush of cold water can hamper the performance of digestive juices and thereby destroy the process of digestion.

Instead, if you choose water that is similar to body temperature, this will help to aid in the proper digestion of the food. Plus, it does not encourage the growth of any harmful microbes and bacteria inside the body.

#Tip 5:  No drinking in between

A tip that you need to keep in mind here. Drink water at whatever time you want, but not while you eat your meals. 

What happens if you drink water while eating?

When a person eats food, the digestive juices within the stomach and the intestines, starts acting upon the food and that is what helps to break down the food into smaller compounds and makes it easier for absorption into the body

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#Tip 6: Respond to body signals 

Your body needs water and when feels the need, it will show it out to you. That is when you feel thirsty. 

Are you listening to the thirst cues?

Each body varies with age, time, needs and even the environment you live in. 

The time when your body feels lethargic may be way different from other people. So, pay attention to your body needs and drink water as it requires. Also, at this point you must remember that you should not gulp down water, but drink it slowly. Also, never stuff yourself with water. Drink only what is required. 

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#Tip 7:  Sit and drink in peace

As the age old Ayurvedic saying goes, you need to sit and drink water; but try not to stand.

As per research, it says that you need to sit somewhere and have your drink.   Not sure how far this is true, but yes, research has shared this information.

Why not stand and drink?

When you stand, it seems to spoil the flow of fluids within the body system and that could cause an accumulation of unwanted fluids in between the joints. This prevents the smooth flow of blood, water, and other liquids throughout the body.

In long term, it could lead to arthritis. On the other hand, sitting relaxes the muscles and even the nervous system handles the pressure of the body weight in a more balanced manner.

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#Tip 8:  Don’t overdo

Just like too many cooks could spoil the broth, an excessive habit of drinking too much water could ruin your health.

Keep in Mind: Drink just to quench to thirst.

What could this mean?

It’s simple. Drink only when you feel like. No force, and no complaints. Your needs to drinking water may be less or more compared to others. So, think wise and drink to your heart’s content. 

True, they say to drink about 1.5 litres each day, but even if you drink 4 glasses a day and still feel fresh- then probably that is your limit.

#Tip 9:  Mud, copper and silver- your best water carriers

In the past, when plastic and glass were not freely available, it was copper and silver vessels that ruled the kitchens and dining halls. These were particularly used for eating, and drinking because of  its curative properties.

What is the goodness of such vessels?

They have minerals that can soothe the body naturally. Copper vessels can remove the toxins from the water and also kill all the unwanted bacteria that dwell in the water.

Apart from this, they have been reported to form antioxidants which are said to be beneficial for the body. So, next time, you get a chance to drink from a copper bowl- go ahead as it gives more goodness that you could imagine!

#Tip 10:   Frequent supply 

You do not have over stuff the body with water. An ideal body should have only 25% of water within it. Then rest 25% of the body should be left empty so that digestive juices have the space to do their bit of work named digestion. Another 50% is for the food that we consume.

What happens if you drink too much?

Well, too much water could lead to diarrhoea, loose stools, stomach indigestion, pains and other forms of upsets within the body.

Sometimes, people drink a lot of water as part of the weight loss plans. But this will make the person weak, as they are getting any carbohydrates and sugars to keep the metabolism moving. Plus, only if the body consumes proteins- will the bones and muscles grow in a strong manner.

Your Body Speaks, Listen to those Symptoms!

Having explained all the right ways on how to drink water, how do you know which is the right moment to start drinking water and how much is just enough?

A question that can be answered only by observing your body. So, let us open our senses and see what our bodies are trying to tell us.


Our skin tends to shrivelled, dry, and not so fresh once it gets dry. You probably would have noticed this, when you are sitting for long in a cold air conditioned room or maybe strolling in a park on a hot day.

When your skin shows these symptoms, drink water in between. You will feel good, refreshed both in mind and body once you have drunk some water.


Look at your urine and you can understand a lot of things from it. 

  • Dark yellow urine- means that you have drunk very little water
  • Clear, light yellow urine- means that the body has sufficient water in it.
  • Cloudy urine- means that it shows traces of some infection and so beware!

What colour is the healthiest?

Light yellow, almost pale yellow is what you should be having. But of course, the first time you pee at the start of the day- it will be dark yellow. So, from then on, drink water and watch the change in the colour of the urine.


Chapped lips, are the sure sign that your body is getting dry.

The same is the case with dry throats. So, drink water and give the fluids that the body needs as and when required.

Water: Drink Wisely and you will be in good shape! 

Water is a natural cleanser that we need to take all along our life. But do right, and you will be a beautiful person inside out. These researches provide advice and reasoning as to why and how you need to drink water from now on.

Use them from now on in your daily living habits and live in the right style.