As the world gets more into the techy side, we often complain about the cons if it. Sure, everything has a bad and good side to it, but with respect to the medical side of the world- it has definitely made some notable achievements.

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In the recent years, medical research has improved to such a level, that there are fantastic cures for almost all diseases. And even if there is an alarming strike of killer disease, they are sure to come up with a solution in a matter of few months.

Now, here, is a small compilation of some researches that will keep your mind boggling with thoughts. Let us take a look at what these are:

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Medical Research 1: Bile can save you from Cocaine!

Bile Acids have been known to aid in the digestion process of the human body. Apart from that, it is said that if the bile juices are secreted and are functioning at the right time, it helps to melt down those fat cells that hover around each and every organ of the body.

Good News:

Bile Juices have the ability to protect a person from cocaine abuse too!

Research shows that bile acids can influence the brain to think and act in a method that helps in the positive health of the body.

When a small surgery was done, the bile acid formation could increase and this could reduce the effect of the dopamine on the brain.

It signals the brain and then influences certain behavioural properties of the person. 

Medical Research 2: Are you left handed?

At the Cornell University , a recent research was conducted on the usage of the left hand and the right hand. And found the usage of a hand can influence the mental health of a person.

Good News:

They found that though a lot of medical treatments are being done on people having mental health problems, they often do not seem to give the full benefit.

The reason being that people who use their left hand better, will receive the benefit of the treatment to the fullest.

The emotions in life like alertness, disgust, determination, and fear are located in the right side of the brain and this is primarily more active in people who use their left hand more often.

They are found to be more responsive to situations, people, environments and emotions and that helps them to have a much more healthier brain.

In the case of mental health, researchers have found that left handed people can accept the medical treatments more willingly than patients who are right handed.

Also, they noticed that if a person is not right handed or left handed in particular, then their level of emotions and intelligence will be well distributed all over the brain. So, the treatment will proceed but at a moderate pace.

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Medical Research 3: Forehead wrinkles can cause CVD

There have been quite a few studies about reading wrinkles that occur on the foreheads, but this is one of the latest research studies that caught our interest. Read on to understand what those wrinkles tell about you.

Good News:

We may think wrinkles on the face, and even on the forehead are a result or outcome of old age, but that is not all.

According to a research done at the European Society of Cardiology , it was found that wrinkles, if in excess may be a sign that shows that the person may die from a case of CVD.

CVD is better known as Cardio vascular disease. This study was presented at the annual conference of the European Society.

It was an interesting and low cost way of identifying certain diseases. The researchers started watching people with wrinkles. They found that people who had more wrinkles, showed symptoms of hypertension and high levels of cholesterol.

Makes sense?

They liked this method, because it was a simple method to identify when something is going wrong in the human body.

That way, doctors could pinpoint certain warning signals, and thereby help the patients have a clean, and healthy diet to solve the issue.

Important Indication: The more your wrinkle score is, the more chances are there that the person faces cardio vascular person.

This was compared with people who no or less wrinkles and also people at various ages were taken into consideration. 

Apart from age, many factors, smoking habits, gender, blood pressure, education and diabetes, lipid levels and heart rate, and fitness styles were taken into consideration.

Researches are unsure of their relation, but they do speak a lot.

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Medical Research 4: Immunity and Tattoo Art

Tattoos are fun, but they may pick the wrong nerve and then the person may end up suffering all their life!

The BMJ researchers seem to have a valid warning for you and me to ponder upon. Let us check that out!

Things That You Should Know About A Tattoo:

There is a hidden stealer when you tattoo your body and that is: A tattoo process can affect those immunity levels of a body to disastrous levels.

The case was brought to the attention of the medical experts when a woman approached them, for severe pain in her thighs, hips and knee area, after she had undergone a tattoo around those areas.

During her younger days, she had tattooed her right thigh and she had no problems whatsoever.

But later on, she went for a lung transplant and took drugs to reduce the pain and discomforts related to the surgery.

Once that was stable, she did a tattoo on her left thigh. That was the beginning of all her health problems from then on. From, pains, to muscle cramps, to fever - she was totally down.

The medical tests proved that she was having a weak immune system and that worsened with her new left thigh tattoo.

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Medical Research 5: Bring down that belly with carbon dioxide!

At the Northwestern University, they proved a rather weird result that said that carbon dioxide; can actually reduce your belly fat! If that has tickled your curiosity, then please do read further!

Good News:

A lot of trials have been on carbon dioxide and its effects on the human body.

The tests showed that carbon dioxide injections can cut down the fat around the stomach.

They have mentioned that it is a natural treatment and people are ready to accept such novel treatments.

The gas is injected into the fat pockets, it does not scar the person and the effects of this treatment is long lasting.

It is known by the name Carboxytherapy and the method stimulates the body to burn the fat from the stomach without creating any cell dealth.

Medical Research 6: Viagra- The New Lifesaver for Cancer!

Viagra is often associated to a satisfied sex life in humans. They were primarily known to treat erectile dysfunction and now, the researchers ecancermedicalscience have found that we can add a new feather to the Viagra. Read on!

Good News:

Viagra has opened hope for curing cancer and that is the latest source of relief for patients, and the medical field experts.

A number of tests have found that it can cure tumours, pulmonary related diseases.

Plus, another benefit is that, it does offer a rather inexpensive treatment for cancer patients.

It has also shown to be less toxic and that will avoid the ill effects of normal cancer treatments in the future.

Medical Research 7: The Techy Rescue Dog!

Picture a disaster time, like an earthquake or a flood, and people are unfortunately trapped below a lot of debris. How do the rescue teams work in such situations? They have dogs to helps them! Yes, but now research has come up with a more innovative solution and those are Electronic dogs! Read about this here.

Good News

Real living dogs do have love and intelligence, but there are times when they are not available, bruised or sick and therefore unable to take up such disaster tasks.

At the ETH Zurich a team of researchers found a device that can substitute the use of such an animal.  

Plus points: It never tires out, does not need food, can go into any circumstance as it is small and smart.

It contains sensors that can identify trapped people. These sensors are complex and intelligent enough to know if a certain gas is being emitted from a human or some machine.

For example, it can differentiate if carbon dioxide is being emitted by a person or maybe i could turn out to be fumes of anything that is trapped underneath. So, that will help the rescue team understand where they need to concentrate and save lives.

A major highlight is that these tiny devices can also record voices and even images of places that would be inaccessible for the simple living dog.


The potential of mankind to unfold options is amazing and all of us are sure to even more surprised as they come up with facts, figures and experiments that can improve the lives of so many helpless people around the world.