Do you know migraines are about?

These are recurring, painful headaches that affect people of all ages. It ca  be identified by a lot of symptoms, but here our research study is trying to find out which gender this problem affects to a larger extent.

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On a yearly basis, mostly about 36 million people are being affected and also treated in USA for the problem of migraine.

Of course, over the years a lot of medications have been found. But still the problem keeps coming back.

Plus, research tells us the reasons for this are many like for example, stress and allergic reactions or climatic changes are reasons- but there is still more to this medical issue.

It seems that it affects one gender more than the other. Who are they?

Research Says Women Are More Prone to Migraines

Recently, in the Frontiers , a research study on migraines was published and this is what it had to say.

  • They say that women are more affected by migraines.
  • And the reason could be presence of more estrogen in the female body.
  • The hormones are the ones that pave way for the trigger of the migraine problems and so research went on a hunt to find a solution to this.
  • For women, the estrogen hormone levels are most alert and effective in their reproductive age.
  • So, this is time these sex hormones are most sensitive to any minor change in the body.
  • For women, such hormones can affect the blood vessels within the head and that could be a factor for the frequent occurrence of migraines in women.
  • The research also pointed out that testosterone had the capability to reduce the impact of migraines on the human body.
  • So, they needed to find a treatment that would lower the manner in which estrogen affects the nerves and blood vessels within the head.
  • And they had pointed out that these migraine attacks are said to hit the higher levels during hormonal changes. For example, when a woman is menstruating or entering a menopause stage.

Small medical remedies for migraines:

  • Rest is very much needed when a person has migraine.
  • As the research for the cure to this in its baby phase, suggests that women need to pay heed of the symptoms always. For this, rest and a decent amount of 7-8 hours of sleep is needed for the female body.
  • Too much of alcohol and smoking can alter the body hormones and can have a negative effect on the woman.
  • Since the hormones make the woman prone to severe migraines, it is necessary that a proper diet is needed to get a cure from migraine.
  • For women, who are on a sugary or a fast food rich diet, it is advised that you do go for walks, and exercises to keep your fat on the check always.
  • Obesity can alter the hormone levels in a woman and that could be another hidden factor for the prevalence of migraines in women.