Have you ever thought what the standards of being called attractive or sexy are? There are many apart from figure, or dressing styles of makeup. There are scientific reasons for this and that is why we would like to share with you here

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Mumbai: Actress Nimrat Kaur displays the creation of fashion brand SVA by fashion designers Sonam and Paras Modi during the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017, in Mumbai, on Feb 3, 2017.

It would be wise to remember that these are not our personal opinions or observations, but ones that have been found based on studies and surveys conducted at various universities and research centers.

Research Secrets of Being Sexy That May Be Useful To You

Sincere Relationships are on the brink of extinction in this modern world. Why is that so?The research experts will tell you the rest of the story

Image Source: IANS

Actress Priyanka Chopra displays the creation of fashion designer Neeta Lulla during the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Summer/ Resort 2014 day 6, in Mumbai on March 16, 2014.

Sexy or Not Sexy

Key Points that caught our interest:

  • At the Queen’s University , the main researcher Nikolaus Troje identified that a person is identified as ‘beautiful or handsome ‘just because of the attractiveness of one specific part of the body. In most cases, if a consistency of beauty of appearance is observed in the physical body- then that is what determines the sexuality factor of a person.
  • In the past studies conducted studies on specific parts of the body, but this study combined all the factors to see how it gets connects with the appealing factor of a person.
  • This would include the physical appearance, the body movements and even specific body shape of each part of the body.
  • They found that it is essentially the body shape alone or even the body movement that decides such aspects.
  • Instead when a person is studied they are checked whether specific body shape matches with the way they move, give gestures, communicate and so on.
  • If that movement does not seem to look comfortable with that body shape- then the person is considered less attractive and vice versa.
  • There is a flow of shape and movement for each person. So the method used for one person, may not prove to be useful for another person.
  • In short, if there is a flow of movement and the body shape does not look odd, then that person can be considered attractive.

Sounds difficult to digest, but that is reality guys!

The Shape and Trait Connection What's that Now?

Key Points that caught our interest:

  • We all meet strange people all the time and it is quite natural that unknowing we draw impressions about them Why is that?
  • Of course that is definitely not a good quality but yeah we do that. Research gives us a reason on why we as humans draw this impression.
  • At a recent research conducted at the Association For Psychological Science , people develop these first hand impressions because of the body shape of the person they are looking at.
  • People have stored a set of qualities or traits for certain body shapes. And this is what they link to when they see such a similar person. This will remain the deciding factor for most people.
  • Stereotype thoughts will spring up when people interact with many new strangers in their life It is only over time, that they may change these judgments, but primarily their past experiences will form the base guidance.
  • The research wanted to know how people identify whether a particular person is lazy or cannot be trusted and so on. How is that possible? For this a research was conducted.
  • 70 males and 70 females were used for the study. And each person was made to be viewed from two angles.
  • Then a set of words was given to the participants. From this they could the best word to describe the person they viewed.

This is what the results showed:

  • Got a heavy body? Then you are considered negative, pessimist, careless and of a lazy nature.
  • Got a lean body? Then you will be enthusiastic, lively and positive minded.
  • If the female has a pear body, then she will be irritable and mostly an extrovert.
  • If the male is a broad shouldered man, then he too will be active and argumentative.
  • Women and men with rectangular bodies were considered trustworthy calm and warm people.

Having said this, the researchers also note that such observations are uniform throughout the world, but with slight differences when factors like ethnicity, culture and age are taken into consideration.

They admit it is a complicated system on how the human mind gathers and collects such concepts and still a lot needs to be studies with regard to this matter

Youth Value Appearance!

You must have noticed the teenagers in our homes spent hours getting that perfect look Why is that so?

Key Points that caught our interest:

  • The college goers in any place around the world value their body appearance more than their health
  • You can see them tattooing, hair styling and trying out freaky make up styles just to catch anyone's attention. Well, we can say a big thank you to their age!
  • Research points out how women at that age are very conscious about their appearance. Any comments on social media can be the reason for their happiness or sadness. And if they have fallen into the ditch of body shaming then matters get even worse.
  • They are the ones who get into harsh diets and even stay hungry to get that perfect figure. This only shows that they are unaware or maybe not even bothered about a nutritious and healthy life.
  • Overtime they develop problems from fad foods, over exercising and stress.
  • When women of this age group feel that they are not good looking then, they feel highly insecure about themselves. This destroys their level of confidence in the long run.
  • Apart from college girls, even mothers of older girls feel that they are good looking enough and tend to feel depressed as they grow older.
  • A reason for this are the present enhanced social media images and fashion shows Women are perceived to have great perfect figures all their life. Nobody tells them it okay to look different, and natural.

That will need a great deal of education and surely that will take time.

Your Opinion Matters!

Key Points that caught our interest:

  • The next reason that we spotted out was one of the researches done at The Ohio University and they have an interesting say on the sexual appeal subject. What is that?
  • According to them, women are appreciative of their bodies only and only if the people around like their body.

So, it is like: If you like my body even if I am on the heavier side then yes, I am an attractive woman!

Any logic to this ladies,.. not sure but that is what is clicking in the ladies minds for ages.

It has been noticed that the more women are praised, they are not that bothered about their body shape. So, they tend to eat and gain weight.

In short, if women are accepted that they are beautiful they are content and confident of their bodies.

In this such cases, that you find plus sized women who are proud of their bodies- it may be because they have partners who like them just as they are.

The Sexy Outlook

On a final note let me end this by telling you that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is fine if you don't have a perfect face, or body shape but if there is someone who loves you or even feels that you are sexy then that happens to be the deciding factor of how sexy your are!