Thyroid an important gland of the endocrine system looks after the functioning of the human system's metabolism rate, manufacturing of protein and its overall adjustment and sensitivity to other forms of hormone. With the help of a wide variety of hormones produced by it, the thyroid gland ensures an active participation in the mentioned functions. But if the production of its varying hormones exceeds its normal limit or falls below its standard limit; mal functioning of thyroid gland is caused. Generally referred to as hypo and hyper thyroidism; mal functioning of thyroid gland is marked by either abnormal gain or loss of weight, general sense of lethargy, inertia, fall in the rate of pulse and mood swings.

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Natural Thyroid Treatments and Thyroid Home Remedies

  • Often attributed to increased physical activity, patients affected with thyroid abnormalities should go for complete rest with proper dietary routine and relaxation.
  • Certain relaxation techniques pertaining to 'yoga' and 'pranayam' serve to restore the balanced functioning of thyroid glands.
  • Certain food items containing preservatives, white flour products and stuffs high on sugar should be avoided by thyroid patients.
  • Food rich in Vitamin A such as pumpkin, green leafy vegetables and carrots add to the balanced functioning of thyroid gland.
  • Diet should consist of sufficient helpings of fruits, sprouts and vegetables. Carbohydrates other than those contained by potatoes and whole wheat products should be avoided. Cakes, pastries, sweets and other calorie rich items should be avoided.
  • Walnut which is rich in iodine and magnesium contributes to the balanced functioning of thyroid gland.
  • 'Kelp' an iodine enriched sea weed belonging to the genus of algae is beneficial for both forms of thyroid malfunctioning. The sea weed can be used as an item of garnish as well as one for flavoring soups and salads.
  • Like 'kelp'- Irish moss is also helpful for thyroid functioning.
  • Another weed by the name of 'sushi' is also helpful from the point of view of hypothyroidism. The iodine content of the weed contributes to restoring the misbalance caused on account of hypothyroidism.
  • Regular consumption of coconut oil added to milk, with two spoons being added to a cup of milk is another home remedy geared to the rectification of thyroid functioning.
  • As part of rectification of thyroid functioning with natural remedies; sometimes the affected persons are advised to go on a juice based fast. This is done with the purpose of cleaning the system. Thus his diet then may consist of fruits juices such as apple, grapes and pineapples being served after every three to four hours.
  • After five days of being on juice; he may be advised to include milk in his diet. There after he can go for proper balanced meals with insistence on fruits and vegetables.
  • It is advisable that a person afflicted with thyroid malfunctioning should go for salads made out of sprouts, cucumber and carrot. Cucumber is very effective for patients diagnosed with goiter- a disease resulting from hypothyroidism.
  • Besides including whole wheat as part of the carbohydrate consumption; if one is unable to avoid rice; the unpolished variety of rice should be included. But it is advisable to have it limited to once a day.
  • Herbal tea with ginger is also beneficial for thyroid functioning. In fact, beverages including coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcohols should be avoided by patients afflicted with thyroid disorders. In its place herbal tea may be an alternative option.
  • Barley and oats are also some of the healthy options for patients afflicted with thyroid functioning.
  • Watercress with its enriched iodine content is also beneficial for thyroid malfunctioning.
  • Regular consumption of water reed and lotus stem is also beneficial for thyroid functioning.
  • For patients afflicted with goiter, exhibiting swelling around their neck; dandelion leaves with a touch of clarified butter may be wrapped around the affected region.
  • Application of watercress's paste on the enlarged neck is also an effective remedy.
  • For patients afflicted with hypothyroidism, it is imperative that along with medical counseling they include in their diet sufficient helpings of egg yolks, yeast and offal on account of their heightened copper content.
  • Those afflicted with 'hyperthyroidism' should go for food items whereby they can block or obstruct the hyper activity of the gland. Thus their diet should consist of items such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale. These vegetables contain in them the essential 'blockers' which obstruct the hyper functioning of thyroid glands.
  • Latest scientific research conducted on the malfunctioning of thyroid reveals the significance of certain marine plants in respect of striking balance in endocrine function. Phytoplankton and lyceum berry have been found to be useful in restoring the much needed balance.