Wounds, cuts, surgeries happen to wade by our lives and somehow they are inevitable. We, often would like fast solutions in life. This is normal human instinct and that could be the reason why such an innovative experiment came by in the world of research.

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Research Facts that could heal you in minutes!

Do you know the normal process that takes place when a wound is formed in our body?

  • The blood needs to clot, and then the so called ingredient called tissues will act within our body to heal the wound.
  • The deeper the wound, the more time it will take for this process to complete.
  • The Research Study at Imperial College, London; stated that they could use a new material called Collagen.

For Wounds in the Flesh

The materials are used in the form of Collagen sponges. They have been developed with a view to treat deep sores, cuts, burns and even pressure sores within the human body.

For Wounds in the Bones

For bones, they have formulated scaffolding materials like implants. These, they believe will help to repair and bring the human bones back to shape.

In General

Apart from the materials, the research scientists feel that though such elements can give way to fast healing- another aspect called the tissue repair phase – needs some attention.

So, is there a solution for the tissue repair phase?

Research scientists are busy with the development of biomaterials that could interact with the tissues and that help patch up the wounds in a fast and controlled manner.

TrAPs- Heard about them?

  • Well, these are Traction force activated payloads. These are artificial messenger systems created to help the body heal better.
  • These are actually molecules that could direct and communicate to the natural and traditional body repair systems within the body. This could help to drive the healing process in a faster manner.
  • The scientists plan to infuse the TrAPs into the materials and thereby help tackle the problem of wound healing in a more planned pattern.
  • The TrAPs enables to recreate the natural healing procedure in the body.
  • For this, researchers made use of DNA that was shaped into 3-D molecules and they clung onto to the proteins.
  • These in turn were attached to the artificial materials and when inserted into the body- they begin their work.

The Future of this Material

It is said to have a lot of scope in the medical field.

  • From fixing heart attack scar tissues, to fractured bones- they have hope that these materials can do wonders for the human body.
  • It is good for those people who need a lot of clinical intervention to get those wounds and internal damages cured.

The healing process is described as intelligent and dynamic type of process and it promises to provide a lot of help and life to ailing patients around the world.