If you have read the previous articles of Oxytocin, this is the hormone that can promote the intimate feelings of bonding, love, and also mental and physical well being.

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It is true that this hormone is mostly secreted to create happy positive vibes in the body. But this hormone has another dark side to it.

The Oxytocin Hormone is Two Faced

Over the years, researchers have been left awed by this peculiar hormone that can create love, bonding and intimacy in human beings.

But then certain researchers at the Northwestern Medicine University -wanted to check the not so- good side about the hormone.

The Dark Identity of Oxytocin

In certain situations, when the participants are made to go through stress- it has been found that the hormone works in those scenarios too. They feel anxious and even fear such a situation. So, when tested- the hormone did have arole to play in that and we ought to know the reason.

Why is that so?

Oxytocin is a hormone that can influence and affect the brain both positively and negatively.

So, when a person is faced with a social situation (like a college meet or a business meet) there are two possibilities:

  • They could have had great and fulfilling experiences in the past, or;
  • They could have had bad and depressing experiences .

So, if it was good- then fine- they won't have any problem.>

But, if they had bad experiences- then they will restrict themselves from taking part in the social function.

Few Facts about the Dark Oxytocin

  • Not sure, if this is really a dark feature of the hormone- as it is guiding the person.
  • Once faced with a bad experience, the memories are stored in the brain.
  • On similar encounters, the hormone brings back bad memories, fear, grief, anxiety and hinders them from going for the social function.
  • The Hormone Oxytocin can even cause emotional pain, especially in the case of breakups and lost love cases.
  • The research pointed out that- the hormone strengthens one area of the brain and this specifically dwells on social memories.
  • When one social experience was depressing and negative, the hormone will be secreted and intensify the bad memories in the brain.
  • This in turn will increase the anxiety and fear levels of the person and hence they will try to avoid going forward for such events in future.
  • The study findings show that some people even face a lot of social stress and therefore then, it becomes negative and stressful to the body.
  • This will in turn affect the physical health of the person and that would in long term affect the performance and calibre of the person.

The Future of Oxytocin Research

Though it has negative effects on the mind of the person, researchers feel that if the hormone is studied with an eagle's eye.

If the time when the oxytocin hormone triggers the body is found out, then the research can also find out ways to make such hormones subside in due course of time.

The further researches will aim at reducing the negative social memories of a person and thereby give them more confidence to meet and face challenges in life.

The Positive Side of Oxytocin

All this while, we have been explaining all the not so good facts about Oxytocin- but there are good facts as well that you must know.

The Attachment Hormone

This hormone is seen at its best when women deliver children, breastfeed them or even caress their little ones. So, that is why women are able to love, bond and show deeper levels of affection to children compared to men.

The Relationship Hormone

It has been found that the hormone gets active whenever love is shown. The surprising fact is that - this is true even in the case of the love and affection that exists between parents and their adopted children. Though the levels will be a little lower than their very own children- still they are affectionate and concerned to them.

The Stress Buster

You must be wondering about this point. Yes, it does build anxiety, stress and fear in the midst of wrong company, but not with the people they love. So, if a person is stressed out, and when they talk and spend time with people they trust and love- the stress will get reduced.

The Drug Buster

In the past (way back in 1999), research on the hormone revealed a fact and that was the oxytocin hormone has the capacity to make people more tolerant to drugs like cocaine, alcohol, tobacco and even opium. In certain levels, it has even been noticed to ease the craving of hunger. Such oxytocin medications are good for people who have a serious trouble handling their midnight snacking craving.

The Protective Instinct

Certain studies have also highlighted the fact that the hormone has the capability to trigger the protection instinct in a person. This will automatically get triggered with they see aggressive mobs, situations and even if they feel that any public event s beginning to take a bad shape. People can react in a protective mode for their families and also their friends.

To Conclude

Oxytocin though named as the love hormone or the cuddle hormone, it does not always with love, and bonding. It seems to be defensive mechanism within the body. We can take all that we need in life from this hormone- but do not allow its bad side to take over you.

If anxiety and stress seems to overpower your life, you need to consult the doctor and get the right treatment. Don't leave life in the hands of Oxytocin.