Yes, I know you all may have heard of the term called ‘LGBT’ and this is something that keeps ringing in our ears on various occasions, societal issues and even major event happenings. If by any chance you have not heard about this segment of society, I will help you get an idea.

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What is meaning of LGBT?

 Let begin with basics. LGBT is a short form of the four words namely Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. This is a community of people who have a sexual orientation that is way out of the normal. Many people have slammed the term and give their opinions based on this. But how much of is true and how many people really try to find a worthy solution for the above said sexual orientation.

Facts About LGBT that we cannot ignore:

  • This is a reality that we cannot do away with and is on the rise in almost every society around the world.
  • Though transgender and the like community have been given rights and facilities to live in this world, the truth is that they are still not accepted whole- heartedly.
  • This is not to hurt anyone, but that is the truth!
  • Next, because of the fear that society will outcast such a community- parents who figure out that their adolescent kid is of the LGBT community- they fear for them and hence try to over- protect them.

This according to researchers- is the beginning of destroying the life of a LGBT individual. Go on and understand what they mean.

Understand but Don't Overdo!

At the San Francisco State University , a study had taken shape and this was the first of its kind. 

  • As per the new study, when an adolescent informs his parents about his/ her sexual orientation ; or maybe the parents find it out on their own- then it is the manner in which the family deals with the issue – that can solve or cause havoc to the life of a LGBT individual.
  • They talk about the much ‘Conversion Therapy’ and claim that only if the therapy is performed in the right manner- will be person get full benefit of the problem.
  • If it is not handled in the right manner, it could lead the teens into a pool of depression and even suicidal symptoms. That is what happens in normal cases and that is what needs a change.
  • In normal cases, parents advise the children to back out from such ideas.
  • Then when that fails, they seek help from the external society. This could include relatives, family friends and even the older generation in the family.
  • Last, they also request the religious authorities to talk to these teens.
  • This emotional attack from all directions is what is responsible for spoiling the mindset of the differently sexually oriented child. 

Instead, it is a good idea to take a sensible recourse.

The Sensible Take on this Sexual Conversion Therapy

  • Efforts are necessary to convert an adolescent. But as parents, never force your ideas on the child.
  • Let them understand and accept everything and for that you need to give them life.

Please Note: If an adolescent has expressed their concern of whether they are into the LGBT community, it does not mean it is the end of the world for you and them. So, stay calm.

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Suicide needs to dealt with

  • As per the findings, it was found out that young people who were forced by parents to convert from their sexual orientation- attempted suicide more than those who were most accepted by their families.
  • When the interventions became stronger from the society and religious groups, the suicidal efforts even doubled!

Depression needs a love touch

  • Yes, often parents or even friends do not understand the way depression fills the life of any individual. 
  • The more the person becomes quiet and moody, the family gets frustrated and vents out their desperation to change the individual. But that according to the findings is a complete mistake.
  • Compared to the adolescents who were not converted or even those who converted – these children slipped into depression. It was because the children who did not go into depression – had parents who were more patient with them. They taught the children the right and wrong of their thoughts and gave all the mental support to such adolescents. And that is what helped teens understand that the concept of LGBT is not something that we cannot do away with!
  • The LGBT adolescents from religious families were the ones who were the ones who were most affected. 

Please Note: When such individuals are often judged on the basis income, socio- economic and other societal factors- then that is what makes the teen very depressed.

Conversion Therapy

  • When you aim to convert an individual, the first and foremost aspect that you need to keep in mind is that – the teen’s self worth must not be reduced to nothing.
  • Often, because parents fear that the teen will face rejection in society- they over protect the child. This step is not advisable as per the research. 
  • You can guide them, back them up, but also learn to leave them out into the open. Only then – they will face, understand and accept the reality of life.
  • Do not learn to show anger, frustration and or coerce the child into changing. They should be talked to with ease.
  • Instead of bringing in religious people (who manage to only scare the teen), try seeking help from therapists who know how to handle mentally disturbed people.
  • Family Engagement is very necessary. Make the teen believe that they were good from the time they were born. And nothing has happened to them physically.
  • At the end of the day, every parent should also be able to accept this change. There are times when a sexual orientation change may not be feasible.
  • Still, at that moment- do not disown the child. Be with them and help them survive in the society.
  • Engage them in all social functions, but never speak or behave to them- with a eye of diiference.

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The Conversion and Acceptance of LGBT Adolescents

This is a sensitive and highly mental issue that can be played best by parents and their caregivers. The orientation or conversion process should be best taken care of within the four corners of the home.

Do not bring it out in the open or leave the adolescent's fate in the hands of religious experts. Understand that they too are humans, they have feelings and they are not purposely doing something like this. It is a feeling that needs to moulded into one that will be accepted in society. 

So, cross your fingers, accept and embrace them now, and until they have converted and for a lifetime.