We all clean our toddler’s pacifiers, but in fact how clean is it?

Yes, I know- we sterilize it and even replace with new ones in between. But research seems to feel that this does not mean that the pacifier is still very clean! Why is that so?

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At the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology , the researchers have spotted out a small link between a baby pacifier and a parent of the baby.

Just as much as curious you are, this research will leave you boggled for sure!

Suck and Make it Allergy Free!

Did you gasp or laugh it off?

Either way, I tell you to not let it pass it off as a research done by a bunch of nuts. Coz this is fascinatingly true!

What do they say?

If a parent sucks a pacifier, this will make the pacifier clean. The baby will have lower chances of being prone to allergy.

This healthy way of cleaning could make many children more resistant to many viruses and bacteria that could cause many unknown diseases in young children.

Okay, most of you would have thought- This is gross!

Yes, even I did, but these brainy guys have a point – we need to study.

What is Sucking connection between pacifiers and allergy?

  • Our bodies contain an antibody called the IgE.
  • This is responsible for controlling the intervention of various allergies into the body. Some could be dangerous, while some can be cured and kept under control.
  • And yet, there are some allergies that pass to children through genetics.
  • So, it is this antibody named IgE, which sort of fights back and keeps the body safe and sound from viral infections and other harmful allergen in the environment.
  • A healthy body with lower levels of IgE will not have to face a lot of allergies.
  • The higher the IgE is in the body, the more the body is to asthma and also other climatic allergies.
  • When a parent suck the pacifier, certain healthy microorganisms from the adult’s body gets passed onto the child via the pacifier.
  • This, according to research can give the child the strength to fight back the allergies that hover around them.
  • It has been noticed that parents who wash and use the pacifier for their babies- may look clean- but the children will suffer from various diseases at later points of life.
  • The research goes to show that when the parents sucks a pacifier, they indirectly transfer some health promoting microbes into the pacifier, and that is what lives in the child for quite a few years of their life.
  • They also point out that this does not mean, by sucking a pacifier, a child will be completely allergy free; but yes, it will make them a bit more resistant to the harmful microbes in the atmosphere.