A question to ponder for all mums around the world. Studies have shown that pregnant women who consumed large quantities of refined grains give birth to kids; who have a probable chance of being obese by the time they are seven years old.

The Relation between Gestational Diabetes and Whole Grains

It has been observed that refined grains do have an effect on the baby in the womb when consumed in excess by their mothers. On comparing these mothers with expecting women who ate the right quantity, it was found that their kids were gaining weight in a steady manner.

The studies were conducted by the Diabetes and Women's Health Study and they were published on the internet by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The research was conducted by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Development- better known as NICHD.

Based on the results of reports collected from 918 mother and children; it was found that one group of children were becoming obese by age of seven. This was connected to what their expecting mothers had during their gestational period.

Mothers who consumed more than 156 grams of refined grains were responsible for making their children gain weight beyond control. The children became obese thus making them unhealthy.

This was particularly noticed in women who a lot of white rice in their daily meals. This automatically gave vent to depositing fat in their body and in turn made these women prone to various heart diseases, obesity and also type 2 diabetes.

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As we all know whatever the woman consumes, will be passed on to the baby and hence this excess starch from refined grains would prompt their body to accumulate fat in their tiny bodies for no reason at all. The fat stored in overweight children is quite hard to melt away and consequently, it leads to obesity.

It was also noticed that by seven years, even if the mothers tried to include more vegetables and fruits in their diet- it was quite difficult to reduce the weight quickly. Researchers fear that this may affect the children at later stages of their life. So, they are continually enforcing more research in order to guide mothers.

So, if your family is looking forward to a healthy family- then do eat healthily and keep a check on your weight. To learn more: Click Here.

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