We all have an inch of fat circling around every part of our body and that is quite natural. But false modern diet geeks, seem to shout that fat is bad for you. Actually there is a fat that is especially good for you – The Brown Fat!!

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White fat is something we all are aware of and many of us may have learnt that it helps us keep warm, fresh and of course, in the good old days- being plump was a symbol that signifies that you are wealthy and hence you are fed well.

An interesting fact that you should know:

White fat when burned off in our human body gets converted into brown fats. This is good and helps to expel that excess flab of blubber round the waistline and other places. Plus, next time, you find a person with a low BMI level, do one thing Just get their fat count checked- you will find that they have a high level of brown fat, and that is why they are slim. In short, brown fat can fight the menace called obesity!

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Munch on Apples

You must have heard of the saying- an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

We support it by all means, but with an addition. You must enjoy your daily dose of apples, but at the same time, make sure that you consume the skin of the apples. According to a recent medical study, it was found that peels of apples when given to mice seem to boost the growth of brown fat cells. This increase in growth was noticed even after the mice were well fed with a complete fat based diet.

This goes to show that apple skin has the ability to re-alter the white fats to brown fats thereby reducing the obesity problems.

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Spot them at the rarest of places!

Weird, but yes, this is a very true fact. If you think that they are found in the areas where you are fat like maybe your waist, thighs, buttocks, or so, then you could be quite wrong. They will get formed in places where you assume, because those areas are already occupied by the normal white fat cells. So, where does the brown fat pop out from?

A big question and it seems to be a mystery to many in the medical field. The fact is that on further study it was found out that brown fats appear in areas where you could be exercising or exerting the most. In most of the people, it was found out to be in the shoulder areas and the neck areas. But in many people- especially young men who exercise a lot- it was found around the rib cage areas and even in the lower abdomen areas.

This finding led researchers to a conclusion that the area where you are most fit or rather make most vigorous movements happens to have the most brown fats!

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Feeling Cold?

If you are feeling cold, then it is a good sign that your body will also figure out how to bring your body to a warm and comfortable level of living. The principle followed here is just like the brown bears that live in cold areas. They eat well and then hibernate.

How do they survive?

Their body automatically uses up the stored fat and then converts it into energy that keeps burning continually to lend the body some heat. The fat that is stored is enough to help the bear survive through the entire hibernation period.

Similarly, our body stores all the fat, When the need arises, the white fat will get converted into brown fat and keep us warm.

Metabolic rates are on hike

Research proves that diabetes can fought away using the brown fat existent in our body. It has been that people, who have a high level of brown fat, tend to produce lesser levels of glucose, thereby putting a control on the issue of diabetes.

The findings state that it trains the brain to revive the metabolic actions within the body thereby making the body more energetic and helping us to lose weight. With a higher metabolic rate, we feel more energized to take up more chores and do them without feeling too tired.

Oops, not good for cancer!

Just like the brown fats help to reduce the calories and fat within the body, certain research have also spotted out that if an excess of brown cells are found in a body having cancer, it could be painful.

Brown cells increase the metabolism rate within the body cells. So, when a person suffers from cancer, you must understand the already fast metabolism rate will increase the strength and production of the cancer cells. This does not prove to be a very good sign for a cancer patient.

Quick remedy: Activate fats with cool environments

Research proves that the colder your environment is, it will encourage the growth and existence of brown fats cells. The reason behind this is that when a body gets cold, it automatically pulls up its self defense measure to protect the body from the cold.

So, as it struggles to make the warm, more calories and energy gets used up, thereby encouraging the growth of such brown cells. This is why; babies don’t shiver, as when a child is small, they do not have the inbuilt capacity to stay warm. It is the brown cells that keep fighting away the cold and, making babies snug and warm.

Peekaboo: You cannot find me easily

As mentioned, brown fat is not to be found in the places that we think it will be. Even after a couple of studies, especially after a lot of CT scans, it was really very difficult to spot these brown fats. They lie hidden and most often exist in muddled form within the fat tissue.

So, the only way to spot them out is through a series of invasive PET scans and this proves to be detrimental to patients and expensive to researchers. For this, researchers feel that brown fats do not exist for long in the body as it gets burnt off quickly. So maybe that is why an insignificant proportion of brown fats are noticed via scans.

Because of this issue, no proper study is being done with regard to this topic.

Wow! Our body can actually make healthy energy burning fats!

Stimulate it naturally

Apart from doing exercise and triggering brown fat cells with the cold- you can re-boost its growth with certain foods. These foods are said to alter and improve our hormones in an effective way.

These foods also instigate the property of burning calories within the body. Such foods are tomatoes, and citrus based fruits and tart based vegetables and fruits. You should try to have foods that contain a lot of melatonin like almonds, coriander leaves and Indian spices like cardamom.

Eat well- please don’t stay hungry

If we are hungry, our body gets tired and most of all, the brain stops working. We feel lethargic and that could upset the entire body system. Researchers recommend that we should eat optimally.

This means that we should just enough food that can curb our hunger. Never overeat so that the fat will be stored in excess. The amount of food eaten by fitness freak may be higher than a regular office going individual, as they use more energy. So, eat according to your lifestyle, or else you would probably notice a small paunch developing. That surely wouldn’t be pleasant.

Cool Themed Rigorous workouts

If you plan to do exercise, we suggest that you do your workouts, in a cold environment. The colder it is, the more your body will be encouraged to develop brown fat cells to burn off more calories as you exercise.

That helps to replace the white fat cells and covert to brown without much fuss or medication.

Bottom Line:

You need white fat and brown fat in your body.

If you don’t have enough white fat, from where will you produce the brown fat cells?

If brown fat cells are not there, how will burn those calories?

So, without the white and brown cells, it is quite difficult for a person to stay healthy and slim.

Similarly, if a person just hoards up white fat cells, and does not engage in any activity, then also the problem stands to be the same. No brown fat cells with be formed, thereby making the person gain weight.

Psst, Don't feel guilty to have a bowl of midnight snacks now. Instead, enjoy that and go for a smart workout the next day. Problem solved!