Guess what, we all have some fat that play the good roles and bad roles right down at various corners of our body. Don’t you want to know what fat is ruling your body and kick those bad fatty cells out of your system?

Yeah, that is what we and the latest medical research is all up to. Read on to know what the ‘Big Fat Excitement is all about’!!

Did you know?

We all have fat, but some of this so called has a bit of color difference!! Well, just not color; about also their characteristics seem to differ quite a bit.

The two types of Fat are:

Brown Fats and White Fats

Myths of the Past:

People thought that only when a baby was born, they had fats that were brown in nature. They believed that as the baby grow into a toddler, then a child, then a teenager and finally into the first stage of adulthood- this brown fats transformed its composition , looks, and characteristics to another form called the ‘White Fats’,

What is the Reality?

All of us have brown and white fats.

The white fats are silent storehouses of the body’s needed calories.

Whereas, the brown fats are the ones who use these calories to burn down, give energy to the body and generate heat within the body.

The Itsy-Witsy Bit of Truth in the Myth

Well, when small children were examined, it was found out that these babies possessed only brown fats. What medical researchers noticed was true, but what they did not notice was that – there were hidden white fat cells also in their body.

Now if you connect this observation with the reality, it can be understood that since babies are more hyperactive than older children and adults, that is why the brown was more visible than the white. 

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Getting into details:

A baby needs more energy during its first years of life. It is the stage where they grown rapidly, learn new things like tasting, walking, jumping, crawling and so much of similar basic activities.

All of these activities- including sleeping requires a large amount of energy- which is why that though there are white fat cells in their body- these quickly get transformed into brown fat cells and are burnt off to help keep up with the vigorous energy levels of our little cutie pies!

Is it possible in Adults?

Yes, the happy news is that medical research has found that this same phenomenon can be noticed within adults and they will be able to burn a lot of calories. 

There are many golden facts about Brown Fat that you should understand, before you jump into this session and one of them is that:

Brown Fat has the potential to become alive when the body faces a lot of cold.

What does Medical Research Teach Us?

A recent study that was conducted at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research found that we all have a certain amount of white fats in the body. These are always stored and tucked away deep within each of our organs.

But the science behind storing such fats is that the body will use it at a later point of life- when it feels like.

The moment when the body decides to use the ‘white fats’ for various purposes like doing physical chores, fighting sickness, playing, surviving the cold, running and much more; then these white fat cells will get converted into the so called brown cells.

In short, as per researchers- brown fat cells are the ‘Energy Burning Fat cells’ whereas White Cells are the ‘Calorie Storing Fat Cells’.

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Some of the facts uncovered during the study:

Energy Driven: 

Small types of exercises like jumping up the stairs, walking steadily can trigger the white fat to change its nature into the energy providing brown fats.

Sometimes, if a person feels cold, to sustain the cold temperatures, to help survive the body from infections, and also to provide a certain of heat to the body ; this body will use the stored fats and convert them into heat generators. These heat generators are nothing but the converted brown fats.

Small Doses- Large Effects: 

In the study, they could understand that if 50 grams of white fat is stored in the body, and then subsequently when this gets converted into brown fat- this will burn to give 300 kilocalories of valuable energy per day.

This is more than enough for a person to carry on their day to day activities.

Excess of White means obesity: 

Another fact that the study also noticed is that, people generally eat more fat than required. And so if we work or exercise less, there is no chance of such white fats getting burnt out. That is when we turn to a stage of obesity.


 For this particular study, a group of people were considered and it was noticed that those who were slimmer, and did more activity during the daily life- happened to produce more brown fat cells at a much rapid rate than the white fat cells.

This ability of the body to covert from white to brown did play a role in staying fit and slim.

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Just as brown fats can help the body to stay lean, it is one component that has the capability of generating higher temperatures within the body. This resembles the quality of introducing thermogenic components into the body.

This is turn will help burn off the excess sugar in the blood through a series of chemical reactions and that helps keeping diabetes in control.

Liver issues:

When the fat gets accumulated, it sometimes can get deposited in the liver. This paves way for liver diseases, faulty food digestions and even can develop into further diseases that spreads to the kidneys and excretory organs.

With brown fats, and with a regular input of exercise, such hidden fats can melt off and get expelled from the body.

Glucose levels:

If you may have read earlier, we have mentioned that as energy is formed, heat develops thereby converting white to brown and burning of the fat.

Energy is needed by the body to work and do even the simplest of activities like sleeping. So, as the study says, with an increased level f brown fat, the energy level in the body rises and that potentially means that the body can generate more glucose to stay fresh and active at all times of the day.

This is a sign of health and the person will not be overcome by fatigue.

The Colder, the browner:

This is the most exciting of all the investigations that were conducted. It was found out that if your need to produce more brown fat, just get chilled!

What is this leading to?

Nothing to worry about, but this is a form of natural self defense in the body that we are triggering with the help of external temperatures.

So, the colder the weather is outside, the more your body will produce brown fat to keep the body warm and survive the cold.

The Brown Fat Boon

At large, this quality of the brown fat has proved to gift the body a natural therapeutic effect of weight control, obesity, cancer riddance, healthy limbs and internal organs

Research even sees a positive window that will help to extinguish unnecessary tumors and stubborn fats in the near future. 

At the end of the day, the message we can understand from this biological process is that in some way or the other God has provide a natural way to beat illness from our daily living. It is we who have to have the eyes and mind to receive knowledge in the right manner.