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Yes, your read that right. If fat seems to stick on to your belly, then that indicates you are creating your grave to the world of cancer. Do you need to do that? Think about it!

If you are responsible for your body, then probably you should also learn how to look after the body.

A recent study conducted at the Michigan University found that certain fats have the capability to release proteins into our body system. These also have one more quality that would not be pleasant to hear.

Such released proteins can transform a non cancerous cell into one that becomes cancerous. 

Also, researchers found that the possibility is even more when the lower abdominal fat settles just below the skin. Experiments show that this newly sediment fat is the one that seems to cause all the problem and that is what needs to have a solution as quickly as possible.

Why does fat cause the terror called cancer?

The reason still remains unknown, but it is  noticed fact that cancer cells is instigated to grow through the prominence of fat.

Who plays the mysterious dirty role behind the birth of a cancer cell?

It seems it is the fat that initially causes the problem. Then when the protein creates its own character to decide how to develop a cancerous cell, this can develop a problem- in fact a deadly, unidentified and uncontrollable problem that is very much difficult for us humans to speculate.

Are all forms of obesity dangerous?

That is next weird question that was put forward to the researchers. Even for this,  they had a peculiar finding and it goes something like this:

  • The human can absorb fat into any any part of the body. This could include prostrate, colon, breast, kidney and even the uterine. 
  • Apart from this, fat cab get deposited in the lower abdomen, arms, thighs and even in the stomach.
  • Next interesting fast is that even though excess of fat gets deposited in the not all fat are actually causing a problem for the body.
  • It is only the fat that gets stored in and near the lower part of the abdomen that disturbs the body system.

So, in short, the fat in the abdominal area is what creates a mistake.

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The Solution:

  • As per the observation of the experienced medical researchers, it was found out that there ought to be a cure and that should be better than medicines, and chemotherapy that is used for cancer patients in normal cases.
  • Instead of such treatments, now research says that more natural and self sustaining treatments needs to be adopted. This method has its own benefits will be much better for the patients in the long run.
  • For this, it was noticed that a sort of new therapeutic treatments needed to be emphasized.
  • As per the new therapy, researchers felt that the diets should be improved, toxins should be flushed out from the system and fat or obesity should be controlled with the right lifestyle.

Types of fat

The body as such contains two types of fat and they are the visceral fat and the subcutaneous fat. The subcutaneous fat is one that lies just right below the layer of skin. Under that, is what is known as the visceral fat. As per the research findings, the visceral fat is what causes the problem of obesity and later on the issue of cancer.

One more finding was that women who underwent hysterectomy developed a large quantity of fat compared to the other women, so that was another notable contributor to cancer developing fat.

So makes sure you hold a watch on your waistline, and include more veggies and exercise into your lifestyle. This will build a safer body and reduce the fat from all the unwanted places in your body.