As science and medicine opens new doors to taking care of health in the most painless, and sustainable manner- you need to know how a tiny stem cell of your baby can save them and their family in years to come.

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The Sources of Stem Cells

New born baby’s umbilical cord:

This cord is cut within 10 minutes of the delivery of the baby

Bone Marrow:

These stem cells are collected from within the bone marrow and can be excruciating process for the donor, doctor and patient.

Trust us- this is a medical investment that is going to save not only the new born child, but even his/her relatives and family members can gain a lot of benefit from it. So, learn seven crucial reasons why preserving baby stem cells are so important.

The Seven Reasons

The Arising Need: Until 2015, approximately about 1.4 million cell transplants have been successfully performed around the world. This has risen to almost 50,000 cell transplants that are performed on yearly basis around the world.

Immense Potential: A large number of authorized medical tests and trials are being conducted on a regular basis over the past few years. Registered stem trials total to above 5000 and these are being conducted on an annual basis. Isn’t that one whopping number for trials alone?

Demand will not Stop: A situation when the same baby needs their own stem cell is quite rare, unless of course they have some childhood disease. Apart from that, these stem cells are more useful to the older generation in the family. Most often it will be the same cell and genetic composition of their siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. So, it is easier to store a stem cell that already matches your needs, than searching for it in the stem bank at times of emergency!

Shortage of Indian Stem Cells: India faces a huge demand of stem cell transplants and this is to treat blood cancer patients alone. Since this number will not decrease in the near future, the sensible solution is to add up to our resources. This would be by safely keeping our babies’ stem cells frozen and secure until it is time for use.

Did you know:Choline could improve genetic quality?

Reduce Costs: Only about 5% of the Indian population can afford a decent medical treatment within India. If they have to outsource stem cells, then it is going to be even more even more and the entire treatment will go upto 10 lakhs or more. But if you already have a stem cell (from any of your known family tree), you need not pay much- except a deposit for preserving the stem cells. Choose this option during pregnancy and stay safe.

Pain Free Process: This is a much more preferred option than obtaining stem cells from bone marrow as it is much more laborious and painful process. Instead, once the child is born, taking a portion of the umbilical cord is neither to baby nor to the mother and it still can provide all the goodness once preserved safely.

Keep Cancer Away: Cancer is all about destroying your cells and with chemotherapy being an atomic form of treatment- the body finds it hard to generate healthy cells in a steady and fast manner. These stem cells provide a healthy alternative to fast regeneration of cells.