Just like you pay heed to your health, diet, and fitness, you must also ensure that you rest properly. This means that when you rest, sleep or lie down on the bed, it should be done in the right way- for the safety of your child.

Keep in mind: If you tend to sleep on your stomach, there are few things you need to keep in mind at each stage of pregnancy.

Early months of pregnancy

During the first month, an expecting lady can sleep on her stomach. This is because at this level, the uterus is safely tucked behind the pubic structure bone. So, none of the weight of the body actually will fall upon the uterus. Hence the embryo will remain unharmed. You can always check out your due date here.

Later months of pregnancy

As the uterus increases in weight and size, this could lead to low blood pressure, backaches, there are cases of haemorrhoids. So, you need to use certain sleeping poses that would not create any force on the stomach, uterus and growing baby.

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy Time

  1. Sleep to your left side always.
  2. Never sleep straight and also not much to the right. The left side is the safest.
  3. Medical research proves that when a mother sleeps to the left, the blood flow increases and that proves to be a vital source of growth for the growing foetus.
  4. If your hip bones ache, support them with a pillow. That could reduce the pain at the hip areas.
  5. Also as the stomach gets larger, place a pillow in an area between your breasts and stomach. This is said to reduce the pressure on the baby as it grows bigger.
  6. Similarly, place a foam or pillow under your leg calves if you feel it pain after lying down in one direction for a long time.
  7. Never get up quickly from the bed, as it may cause breathing problems or pains in your chest, back, lower stomach.
  8. When you do want to get up, and suppose you are sleeping to your right or sleeping straight; then slowly turn to your left and then get up calmly and slowly.
  9. Another reason why medical research says to sleep to the left, is that, this aids the kidneys in easier and smoother expulsion of wastes and fluids from the body.
  10. The last and final finding is that sleeping to your left, can reduce the swelling of your feet, ankles., hands, calves etc., as the kidneys and the respiratory functions take place smoothly.
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These are simple guides and tips to sleeping the right way and of course the safe way. Probably during the first month, any position of sleep will not have a negative impact on the mother and child. But after that, you need to take care- as you are responsible for bringing up a life within you. Educate yourself on all aspects of pregnancy problems.