Drop the guilt, and take time to enjoy that bowl of oats, your eggs, some bacon and any veggies that you prefer! Okay, maybe you are trying to reduce those unwanted kilos, and could be staying hungry. 

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You can bring that diet mode to a standstill! Till a ray of hope fly by your side. If that is what you want- eat well and yet stay away from obesity and other diseases- THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

Many of us hurry for work, school or college without taking time to eat that breakfast. Let it be anything, even junk, but that is first source of energy that the body gets to kick start the day. And if you are on a diet, and trying to eat food that is non- tasty- then quit doing that! We will share research findings that prove why you eat breakfast, and that means a complete, heavy breakfast.

By Junk, I do not mean that you sit with a bowl of candies and chomp on! But you can have those meaty items, eggs, has potatoes and bread of any kind- and still stay healthy!

What about the Vegan lovers? You can have a bowl of salad, some fruit, some power shakes and you are safe to go!

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Skip your brekkie and your arteries could get hard

Did you skip your breakfast? If you did, then make it a point to read this research finding, and you will never feel like repeating that mistake again! 

Believe it or Not Research Findings

  • At the American college of Cardiology , breakfast seemed to be the topic of interest and their findings will tell why you must eat a proper healthy breakfast.
  • They say that if you skip breakfast, it could cause atheroscierosis. So, what is that?
  • As long as the name sounds, this diseases means that your arteries will get hard and that will form plaque in them. Not at all a good situation to deal with!
  • Once the arteries gets hard, it tends to narrow the arteries and will affect the general health of the person.
  • The studies emphasize that you should eat a healthy breakfast as that contributes a steady control over your cholesterol and enables proper weight management.
  • In fact, when a person skips person, they tend to be vulnerable to more heart diseases!

What is the Danger signal when you skip breakfast?
Yes, this is one very useful tip that they have shared.
Note: If you are skipping breakfast, and still having a pot belly, a wide tummy circumference, hormonal imbalances, and an evident pull back on their immunity.

Seems familiar to you? Then pay heed that your diet needs a makeover!

A Word of Advice To You

Get up early, and make that wholesome breakfast that your grandma or mom, always made for you. No cooking at home? Okay, then get walking to a small eatery and have something they announce on the menu list.

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Feed proteins to your Overweight Teen

Did you just gawk at what you read? Well, then read it once more and trust me- this is a fantastic research finding that was brought out by the nutrition scientists at the University of Missouri- Columbia . Get reading more!

Believe it or Not Research Findings

  • Two sets of people were taken for the experiment. 
  • One group took the normal protein breakfast and the other one took a high protein breakfast.
  • The high protein breakfast included almost 35 grams of protein and they noticed a substantial difference in the health of the person.
  • When teens ate this high protein breakfast, their hunger levels come down.
  • Also, they did not feel the need to snack at all hours.
  • The diet helped to improve their metabolic rates and that reduced unwanted fats and bad cholesterol in a steady and stable manner.
  • The diet change did not seem to create any fatigue in the teenagers.
  • Their glucose levels were more stable than overweight teenagers who has skipped their breakfast.

A Word of Advice To You

Obesity does not come from eating healthy, but from eating wrong foods, at the wrong time. So experts recommend that you eat good proteins in the morning and that fuel is sufficient to go through the day. 

Skip that meal, and then you crunch in all sorts of garbage that meet your hunger needs, and clamps on the fat cells on the body.

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Late breakfast for ‘evening persons’ gets thumbs down

Are you an evening person or morning person? How would you know that? Or perhaps you are wondering what these two types of persons are? Well, that is what the research explains below.

Believe it or Not Research Findings

  • If you an evening person, means that you will eat a late breakfast. So, basically all your meals are later than the normal routine. That could affect your health
  • The evening person will tend to have a higher body mass.
  • Studies also show that they may have a tendency to develop Type 2 diabetes.
  • The metabolism process will be highly strained in the process.
  • In short, a person who goes to bed late and wakes up late, will show signs of obesity and diabetes.
  • When a person eats a normal to heavy breakfast at late hours of the day, then the digestion process is allotted lesser time. This means more food have to be eaten with a smaller gap in timings between each meal.
  • It shows a slack in the metal process also like the time spent for reading, planning and so on.
  • This slack will definitely affect the mental process of the person in the long run.

A Word of Advice To You

Be the early bird if you can, switch to good breakfast and then do not snack during the day. Also, have a light meal if you eat late and see the difference!

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Big Breakfast means Goodbye to Obesity

This phrase may surprise many of you, but this is truth that has been proved by researchers at the American Friends of the Tel Aviv University.

Believe it or Not Research Findings

  • They found that you can have the largest meal for the first meal of the day and still it will not add to health problems or make the person gain weight.
  • But if you have a large and heavy dinner, it is bound to create a wide waist circumference and that could be bad for health.
  • The study showed that even if you some dessert that has a high calorific value for breakfast, it will burn up during the rest of the day.
  • Point Made: You have a high calorific breakfast and you are well protected from hypertension, diabetes and also cardiovascular problems. Time of the meal stands to be the deciding factor for the health of a person.

A Word of Advice To You

When the right food is taken at an earlier point of the day, the body gets ample time to digest, break up the nutrients and use the glucose for the functioning of the body.

Once diseases are at bay, it helps improve the mental health, sleep and will even boost the emotional morale of the person.

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Skipping breakfast could cause heart attacks

At the recent study conducted at the American Heart Association , it brought about a finding that skipping breakfast could cause a serious heart attack or even cases  of coronary heart diseases.

Believe it or Not Research Findings

  • If you skip breakfast, it could affect the heart: according to research studies.
  • Another factor that plays a vital role in health – is the timing of each meal.
  • When a person misses a meal, or eats late, or eats too many small meals, this will affect the metabolic cycle of the human body.
  • When a person persistently follows the skip breakfast routine from a young age, this could cause heart related diseases as they get older.
  • When people eat late, they tend to worsen the digestion process.
  • Also, when they start the day late or do not engage in any physical activity, this could build up a lot of fat in the arteries and blood vessels.
  • You need to eat food and also give the body, the time to digest the food, absorb the nutrients and also burn the fat through the various physical activities of a normal day.
  • But if you take a late nigh heavy meal, the body will overwork  even at night, and will not get any rest for the organs.
  • This will wear down the organs over a period of time and that cause the diseases.

A Word of Advice To You

Include fruits and protein in your breakfast. Plus, make sure that you eat it, at an early point of time. That will subside any chances of obesity and heart diseases in your body system. Never miss breakfast. Even if you can have some leftovers from dinner, that will do a lot of good for you!

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