Can Reflexology be a cure for many diseases?

As researchers around the world have opened their eyes to other forms of treatment, today many people are trying to find solace in alternative medicine treatments for many diseases and one stands to be cancer.

Cancer is definitely not a new topic for all of us. We are aware of most of the types of cancer and also the most common form of cancer treatment stands to be chemotherapy till date.


As the name suggests, this is a treatment that helps to maintain the balance of the body. Reflexology is an age old treatment that is based on old Chinese principles. It focusses on the principles of gently massaging certain reflex zones of the human body so that the internal organs and our sensory organs are stimulated. This in turn will help to improve the well being and metabolism of the human body.

The Role of Reflexology in Life

Over the years, reflexology is one treatment that has proved to open the doors of mental peace to many people, especially those who suffer from cancer.

Cancer is a disease that spreads across the body due to the abnormal growth of certain destructive cells. It is deadly and if not treated in the right manner and at the right time, can cause death of the person.

An issue with the cancer treatments is that very strong medicines are used and these will surely cure the person, but to a very large extent it will destroy the other normal cells of the body also. So, now people are always on the search for alternative sources of medicine.

One such treatment that can be practised along with the conventional chemotherapy is the very famous Reflexology. 

You must be wondering what role does reflexology play in the world of cancer?

A natural query that may across anyone’s mind and here is what we have to tell you:

  1. This is not a treatment that takes the place of chemotherapy.
  2. Next you must remember that it is sort of body rejuvenation therapy.
  3. This treatment is not meant just for cancer patients, but can be used for the well being of any person, any age and any gender.
  4. This treatment mostly concentrates on the foot of a person as old Chinese medical researchers believe that all of our human body senses nerve endings are intact and stored in our feet.
  5. So, by gently touching and massaging the feet, it is believed our body will respond and react positively to the touch.
  6. Reflexology doctors treat by implementing a painless and rather soothing touch or massage of the hands and feet. 
  7. When this treatment is done right, it is said to de-stress the muscles, and even the hormones are awakened in the right manner such that an internal healing process of the brain, internal organs, spine, liver, and endocrine system will start working in a positive manner and improve the general metabolism of the body.

So, in a gist-

As cancer is busy conquering our humble cells, people use chemotherapy to put in under control. But at the same time, this chemotherapy can deteriorate your body cells to a large extent. So, to survive through the violent assault of the chemo treatment reflexology is used. The treatment helps the patient survive through all the pressures and physical pains and problems that have been triggered by the chemotherapy treatment.

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 Science shows that cancer patients can cope with cancer, arthritis and much more with the help of reflexology.