The social networking web is so complex and so diverse. It is like a buffet where you could to choose all forms of entertainment, connections, friendship and even business. 

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Social Media has been synonymous with our daily breath of air. Most of us cannot even think of a life beyond that and why is that?

The truth is we are truly very busy, and yet suffer the lack of communication and interaction with fellow human beings. This mode of technology provides a free, relaxed and undisturbed gateway of meeting new people, fresh ideas and unheard scenes and sights from around the world.

That is what makes this social media so very beautiful and magical. It is never a problem to love it, but then to be behind the social media and live a life of a zombie- maybe something you need to think twice about.

All About Facebook Related Ailments: Research Findings

With everything going on under the massive umbrella of the Internet and especially the social media- research went out to find what are the consequences of this habit.

The study was aimed at finding the influence of social media, especially Facebook on one’s mental and physical health.

It seems that people make a lot of social comparisons and this is what research to analyse one psychological health.

Factors like the photos that were posted, the comments that follow in,  the number of connections that each person has, the level of activity in each person’s personal page may look silly, but that is what affects a lot of the people.

The Research points out that the more a person feels that Facebook holds a very important part of their  lives, then that is when the person gets affected the most.

Social Comparison is one of the major issues that have surfaced here. Social comparison is when we compare ourselves with others and that can be painful for some people. 

People feel uncertain and uneasy about themselves. They tend to feel that someone else is much more better off than themselves and this quietly tends to hurt them deep inside.

The research says there are two types of comparison: The Upward and downward comparison are the two types of comparison.

When you look up to a person whom you feel is much above you- it is called Upward Comparison. Whereas, when you look at a person who is not better off than us- then that becomes downward comparison.

When a person does an upward comparison, then they would sad and depressed- because they feel they are not as good as the other person they are looking at. Whereas in the case of downward comparison, the person feels good that they are much better off than the other people.

Some other factors that are compared are physical looks, financial health, society recognition, and even their professional achievements.

When people feel that they are not in par with their social connections in Facebook, then this makes them irritated, mentally down, and depressed. Such people always tend to have a negative outlook in life 

The Result

People as such are lovers of things that look great. So, on the social front, people feel sad that they could not be like another one who looked and behaved much better than them.

When this lacunae happens, they tend to get a no good feel, lost and defeated inside.

This is something that needs a lot of thought and care, as in the recent years it has been ruining the lives of so young souls.

If you have confidence in yourselves, then do not let another man or woman influence your thoughts, feelings and that could destroy the mental health of a person in the long run.

Facebook sickness is something that can be treated- if you have good friends who understand the pain that your mind dwells in.

If you ever feel agitated in life, then perhaps social media like Facebook could be a reason.