HIV – The Invisible Killer of Man

HIV is known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus and it is a one sub classification under retrovirus.  

Image Source: Xinhua/Pratap Thapa/IANS

The reason why HIV is known as a silent killer, is that it does have symptoms, but they react and become aggressive in the body after a very long time. By the time, the person figures out the disease- they would be very weak and will have a otugh time dealing with physical and mental pain associated to this problem.

Note: Understand all about HIV and adopt healthy and safe practices when you get into a relationship.

Symptoms of HIV

You must remember that any disease will act differently on each individual depending on his /her age, gender, immunity power, and lastly- the stage at which it is alive and fighting against the body.

Ten Symptoms During The Initial Stages of HIV

This is a list of the symptoms that a person will experience when the person’s body first comes into contact with the disease.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

If you looking for the first or initial symptom, this will be one you need to notice. These nodes are all over the over. But just after a few days of unprotected sex, the person will get swelling in the lymph nodes that are located in the groin and armpits. Pay heed to that.

Skin Rashes

This happens at the beginning stage of HIV or even at a later stage . Skin rashes erupt out of small skin allergies. Since HIV attacks the immune system of the body, every allergen is now capable of triggering a problem.

Sudden Fevers

Yes, you tend to get fevers that reach about 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is because the virus reproduces and spreads fast. This makes the body weak and the immune system will get tired while continually fighting with the virus. That causes fevers.

Frequent Chills

Chills are a part of fevers and the above mentioned reason is applied here too. People feel cold and weak at the most unexpected hours of the day.

Muscle cramps and aches

People tend to get a lot of muscle cramps and this can leave the person clueless of the symptoms. If you get continual pains even after taking medication, you may want to take an HIV test.

Night Sweats 

Night sweats are usually noticed along with high fevers. The body temperature will fluctuate rapidly and that causes night sweats. As such, this symptom does not harm, but constant fevers will need some immediate attention.


HIV is one zone where the body is constantly traumatized. This affects the immune system badly. So when the WBC cells are constantly fighting against the bad cells, the body tends to get tired and exhausted. Constant fatigue without doing anything laborious, is something of deep concern.

Mouth Ulcers

This is very common among HIV patients. Oral herpes is people will tend to suffer. There will unexpected bursts of red sores in and around the mouth. Again, this is due to lack of immunity in the human body. 

Nail Deformities

The nails may get discoloured and even curved tp form a bad shape. It may not be painful, but such abnormal need a visit to the doctor.

Menstrual Issues

Once HIV is in the human bloodstream, menstrual irregularities are quite common. There will be a lot of hormonal changes and that will upset the mental and physical balance of females. It has been found that women get more affected by HIV than men. 

Well, you may have the gross story of HIV and that is why you need to treat it as quickly as possible. 

The Transition from HIV to AIDS

The fear that concerns this disease is horrific. Often, people don’t test themselves because of the shame and insult associated with it.

But that is sad, because it will open a new path to the terror named AIDS.

It is in other words called ‘Chronic HIV Infection’.

As the immune system of the body deteriorates, this is what develops into the dangerous disease. 

Symptoms of AIDS

When HIV develops into AIDS, this is what the person will feel or experience:

  • Quick weight loss
  • Night Sweats
  • Fever keep coming up
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Diarrhoea for long periods of time 
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes especially in armpits
  • Pneumonia
  • Blotches on skin- it could be purple, pink, brown or even red in colour
  • Inflammations in and around the genitals, anus and mouth
  • Neuro related disorders
  • Depression
  • Extreme memory loss

This is a sign that gets more and more painful as the person suffers. The earlier you take the cure, the better. If you notice, the symptoms are almost the same for both, but the severity of both is different and is noticeable.

Stay Away From HIV and AIDS

Whether you have HIV or AIDS, the end result is same. It is dangerous and deadly, point made!

Okay, it may have happened that you have had unprotected sex, or your partner may be infected. You never know! 

There is a taboo attached to this disease. That does not mean you deny your body the treatment – it is calling out for.

Why do you have get all the stress burning in your mind? Get tested. If you are free from HIV, then good- you are safe!

If not, then don’t ever, ever think that the end of the world. You have medical research and medicines that can help you get out of it.

But the longer time, you suffer with all the symptoms mentioned above, things may get out hand.

So, the earlier, the better!

Why is it better?

As I mentioned earlier, the HIV virus is one that invades and troubles our human immune system. So, the longer time, you allow it to survive in your body- it is dying.

The earlier you doubt the above symptoms, get checked and take the right treatment- without deteriorating in health and also- not a person would know about it.