It is a known fact that women have their constant 'iiffs' and 'buts', and those nonsensical mood swings at the weirdest of times!

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And the funny part is that- some women cannot even manage it! Of course, lemme remind you that no problem is this world is cooked and set aside.

If you tap your brain nerves a bit, you can have some control over those unruly emotions. Okay that is all about the feminine part of the world.

Today, here, I would like to dwell on some weird emotional changes that men have after making love with their partner.

Okay, you read that just right! Men, are also humans, right!

Research went about finding out how men feel at different times of the day and that research pointed out that- some men actually feel sad, sullen, lost and huge pots of grief roll out after they have made love!

So, if that you do feel like that or maybe your partner does have a change of mood after intimate sex- then maybe you need to take a look at what these researchers have to say on this.

Facts About After Sex Sadness in Men

The Queensland University of Technology did a recent research on the emotional switch and swings in men. 

The PCD Dilemma

Men who suffer from Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD), will experience sad feelings and even bouts of irritation after sex.

Research does not understand this fully, but this phenomenon has been noticed in many of the men.

This is one of the first few studies that focus on men, as women are known to have such a depressing negative feel after sex. 

They conducted this test on almost 1208 men in Australia. Out of this, almost 4% of the males- did have the problem of PCD on a daily basis.

Then the rest of the men did report of such similar feelings, but the frequency was much less. They get it every month and some get it even lesser.

But the truth is that it exists and that reason needed to be found out.

What is PCD?

Listen up- it is also called as Postcoital tristesse which means sadness in French.

This affects both women and men and here- the mystery behind the male PCD was something that needed attention!

How do you know if you are in the PCD world at the moment?

If you are falling into the ‘Blue’ Phase right after some so called good sex, then check out whether you feel the following emotions:

  • Sad and Quiet
  • Not really sure why you are so glum 
  • You think a thought- and still are clueless about it!
  • You will cry a lot 
  • Your heart is heavy and recollect all the special sexy moments.
  • You are sinking into depression.
  • You tend to get into an argument with your partner.

Basically, you are damn irritated with everything that you see! 

Human Sexual Response Cycle

Normally, every man and woman have three phases of sex and intimacy and that is excitement, moving on to plateau and then finally ending with orgasm.

So, if this cycle does not end in the right manner, it could create a negative and unsatisfied feel in  both the partners.

What really happens in PCD?

For women, this phenomenon is more common- as their emotional and hormonal changes are more complex than men.

But in the case of a man, even after lovemaking, if the bond does not remain between the couple- then that could be the reason behind the PCD syndrome.

The Post Sex Blues 

The First Reason

  • You need to understand that this is just a mind game. The mind feels lonely and sudden emptiness after sex- if not tended to.
  • It is in reality – not entirely related to physical intimacy of the couple- but rather the silly cuddles, kisses, and talks that go on even after sex. That is what matters!

They need a mental intimacy with their partner and such an interaction can bring down the level of sadness and loneliness in the man.

Solution: If the relationship needs a beautiful end, then communication is vital. That sort of relaxes the mind and the person feels at ease. 

The Second Reason

  • Another probable reason that popped out from the research is this problem is more prevalent in Western countries than any other part of the world.
  • On further talks with the men, they understood that men are more imaginative in their sexual fantasies.
  • They in turn expect the outcome to be extra ‘ Fantastic’.
  • When this does not happen as per their dreams, that kinda of puts them off.

In short, if the ‘pleasure factor’ is not up to the mark, that guy is surely going to drop into tears!

Solution: No fast answers to that, but yeah- if men could accept reality and switch those fantasy imaginations- it would help them a lot! Appreciate the lady as she is! 

Sex Notes for the Males out there!!!

The research states that if sex is unsatisfactory, then such issues does occur.

So,  make sure that when you feel upset, please try and take time to discuss about this with your partner.

Let them know what you need. After all this is about bonding and intimacy. So, get talking, be experimental and stay happy always!