In case, you happen to be a diehard smoker, hell bent on your passion- there are more reasons than one to activate your quit- smoking spree. Besides running down your health and those exposed to passive smoking, it will be better for smokers to count the psychological damage done as well.

Effects of smoking on family life- the possible health hazards

  • By smoking, you are not only making your cardio- respiratory system more vulnerable, but also exposing that of your spouse’s and children’s to similar risks.
  • Inhaling of smoke exhaled by smokers is as risky as that inhaled on account of tobacco burning.
  • When your kith and kin's are exposed to passive smoking, they come under doses of toxicity caused by the burning cigar and its harmful contents.
  • Passive smokers as well as the growing children of smokers are more susceptible to have respiratory diseases including infections affecting its constituting organs.
  • Adults exposed to passive smoking are more likely to develop cardiac ailments and those affecting the circulatory system.
  • Chances of lung cancer, asthma, common cough and cold are likely to influence smoker's family more than that of his/hers non- smoking counterparts.
  • It has also been observed that children of smokers are more likely to follow the parental footsteps in respect of this addictive habit.
  • To go by a study, children of smokers are thrice more likely to embark upon the injurious habit of smoking.
  • Besides following the exemplary guidance, involuntary & prolonged exposure to highly addictive nicotine also has its role to offer.
  • There is yet another study to show the nexus between smoking mothers and their unborn children. Besides triggering weight and growth related malformations, unborn children carried by smoking mothers are more likely to adopt this uncalled for habit in later years.
  • To provide a vital insight into 'SIDS'-or “sudden infant death syndrome”- as a smoking parent it will be important for you to know that infants involuntarily exposed to passive smoking are twice more likely to collapse under the confounding prospect of “SIDS”.

Psychological effect of smoking on family members

  • You may be tempted to inhale cigarette's addictive fervor with an eye on mood elevation, but in the long run there are studies to vouch for its depressive effect, with nicotine leaving depressant impression on neurons.
  • Similar effects are bound to affect your family members and those exposed to prolonged bouts of passive smoking.
  • Family members in general and growing children in particular have come under the baneful effects of smoking, with kids of smokers being more vulnerable to emotional disturbance than their non smoking healthier counterparts.
  • In fact, there are studies to confirm the glaring fact that children of smoking parents are likely to embark upon smoking as a necessary panacea from stress, strain and boredom.
  • In fact, children of smokers growing up with smoking as one of their passive companions become surprisingly tolerant towards this injurious habit- and its long term malefic.
  • With smokers wasting precious time on gleeful bouts of smoking, they tend to care little for children and spouse- time which could have been spent profitably in company of spouse or children are spent in intoxicating seclusion.
  • There are times when smokers seclude themselves from friends, spouse and children to inhale the pseudo refreshing intoxicant.
  • This perhaps explains the emotional angle of the story- why kids of smoking parents are more vulnerable emotionally.
  • This same nexus was seen between smokers and kids oriented towards behavioral problems.
  • Irritating stench of cigarette can come in the way of healthy interaction between your family members and you.
  • There are people unable to take in the irritating stench and if one of them happens to be your spouse, you are likely to be in for an ugly mess up.
  • Keeping in mind the health as well as the emotional hazards of smoking and its long term repercussion on health of near and dear ones, the deathly habit of smoking is ultimately leading you away from prosperity.
  • By investing your hard earned money in the injurious habit of smoking you are ultimately exposing your children and spouse to greater financial and psychological hazards.
  • Perhaps, judicious investment in a productive passion such as curio collection or that of oil painting would have strengthened familial bonds.
  • With smoking having its direct repercussion on your longevity, you are cheating both your spouse and children of life and longevity.

Effects of smoking on people around

  • In a public place, you may be free to hold on to your burning cigar, but the carelessly thrown butt may give rise to a disastrous fire.
  • With world gearing itself to an eco friendly standpoint, do remember the so called bio degradability of the remaining butt- it takes more than a year for that little piece to decompose: another ill effect of smoking.