When did you smoke first? Was it your friends who forced you or maybe you saw someone in your family do it? It really doesn't matter if you are a chain smoker or an occasional smoker; it's going to affect you in the same ways. Smoking these days is becoming a style statement. Even though the youth these days avoid smoking, it is seen that there is no change in the total sale of cigarettes. Smoking is found to be started at an earlier age amongst children of smoker parents.

Given below are links to articles on the harmful effects of smoking and the health risks posed by the addiction to cigarettes and tobacco.

Try out our smoking cost calculator, to find out how much money you have wasted on smoking (you are going to be amazed when you see the figures just imagining what all other things you could have done with all that money.)

Also see the smoking risk calculator, to find out how much of your life span has been eaten away due to smoking, and how much is left back with you to live it fully.

Everyone is well aware about the evil effects of smoking but not ready to leave it, this is because of the addictive nature nicotine which is a very deadly poison (this is just one component; there are a lot more other chemical stuff that go into your cigarettes). Every time you inhale the smoke from these cigarettes these chemicals start accumulating in your body and in the end by the time you grow old, will start creating problems.