Following phases of mental and physical strenuousness, you might prefer chilling out with the intoxicatingly refreshing bouts of nicotine. Interestingly, despite awareness of its overwhelming maliciousness, people don't mind being on smoking spree. But, if you are to weigh its pros and cons, the social price to pay; in addition to focusing upon its carcinogenic content; you will shudder at the prospect of being a smoker. In fact, before initiating the prospect of quitting, you need to know the necessary whys- reasons leading you to part with

Harmful contents of smoking

  • Besides the health hazard entailed by tobacco smoking, it will be wise on your part to bear in mind the range and extent of toxicity involved in smoking. Wide array of toxicity includes exposure to arsenic, methanol, lead , butane, carbon monoxide, benzene, tar and nicotine in addition to several others.
  • By way of smoking, you can be exposed to as many as few thousand chemicals giving way to differently varying toxic and mutagenic repercussions.

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Effects of smoking on physical health of smoker

  • With smoking you are twice as much susceptible to pulmonary diseases of chronic nature.
  • Lung obstruction or "COPD" giving way to bronchitis & emphysema are the resulting effects of smoking.
  • Ranging from common cough, sneeze and cold down to something as destructive as lung cancer, smoking can wreck havoc on physical health of smoker.
  • With smoking, the entire respiratory system becomes vulnerable to chronic disorders, attacks and infections. Chances of Tuberculosis affecting the lungs are abetted by smoking .
  • Diseases affecting the cardio vascular system including pressure, cardiac attacks, myocardial infarction and cerebral attacks are triggered by smoking.
  • There are evidences to support the nexus between smoking and rise of blood cholesterol.
  • In fact, indirect exposure to whizzes of smoke can increase the probability of such diseases.
  • Near and dear ones of smokers are more likely to come under the deadly outcomes of smoking.
  • Smoking can also give way to DNA centric malformation with carcinogenic elements of smoking leading to genetic mutations.
  • Smoking can spell the doom for your kidney leading to a wide range of physiological complications including renal cancer and diabetic nephropathy.
  • Cancerous condition affecting the oral cavity or parts included in it are triggered by smoking.
  • Smoking can prove to be disastrous from the point of view of cognitive functionality- creating grounds for the gradual depletion of neuro- motor skills, lingual and other rational faculties.
  • People used to smoking are more than likely to be victimized by the deadly syndrome of "Alzheimer's".
  • Smoking has its parts to offer in male and female sterility as well- males given to smoking are likely to develop sterile conditions such as impotence and erectile disorders.
  • Nicotine is known for affecting the female reproductive system, coming in the way of folliculogenesis and overall health of the uterus.

Smoking and motherhood

  • Other than taking its toll on the male & female reproductive system, smoking can be banefully malefic for the unborn fetus.
  • In addition to interfering with growth ratio of the developing fetus, it can also contribute to the birth of underweight and prematurely born babies .
  • Mothers used to smoking during pregnancy are more than likely to give birth to blue babies- susceptible to asphyxiation at birth.
  • Direct or indirect exposure to tobacco can also harness miscarriages besides accounting for premature delivery.
  • Newborns delivered by smoking mothers are more likely to come under the risk of cot deaths or "SIDS".
  • Pregnant mothers if you want things to turn out as right as rain, do ponder over the necessities for giving up smoking.
  • In fact, pregnant women exposed to indirect or passive smoking are likely to reel under the aforementioned malefic of smoking.

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Effects of smoking on mental health of smokers

  • It will do you world of good to be acquainted with the property of nicotine content of tobacco
  • The psychoactive chemical of nicotine enhances the aspect of addiction, which in turn gives way to mental and physical dependence on smoking.
  • With smokers addictive dependence on smoking, it is supposed to bring in temporary relief from the stresses and strains of life.
  • But according to research smoking is directly proportional to levels of stress- with prolonged exposure to nicotine, your level of stress is likely to multiply rather than reduce.
  • There is also a study to pinpoint the nexus between decrease of stress and withdrawal of smoking. Though sudden quitting may unleash a chain of withdrawal syndromes, gradual abstinence from smoking can prove to be advantageous in the long run.
  • So the myth that whizzes of smoke can provide for mood elevation, needs to be got rid of.
  • Adolescents exposed to smoking are likely to be affected by reduced intelligent quotients, lack of focus and perspective.
  • Instability, diminished cognitive intelligence, loss of memory and panic attacks are some of the other fallouts on mental health of smokers.
  • Sudden bouts of depression and swings of moods can also be included.
  • Do remember by choosing not to smoke, you are not only adding to your health and longevity; but also offering significant social responsibility.