Is it really an impossible task to remove that urge to fag from your daily routine? If that is your case, then perhaps these studies will shed some light on how you can quit smoking completely. These are not facts or opinions of people, but those conclusions, that have come up in the recent studies.

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Cut that drink and you can quit smoking too!

At the Oregon State University , they wanted to find out a way by which smokers could say goodbye to this unhealthy vice of smoking.

In fact, a lot of people have often wished and tried to put a stop to this habit, but it happens to go in wane.

How can you quit smoking completely?

If you need a 100% evacuation of the smoke from your system, then you just need to red on and understand what causes the problem.

According to them. Drinks or in simple terms- liquor or alcohol in any form- is what causes the addiction to smoke (cigarettes) to increase overtime!

Reasoning for this are as follows:

  • The experiment showed that people who drink heavily are more prone to the smoking affinity. The culprit behind is- as usual- the nicotine.
  • The researchers used the nicotine metabolite ratio of a group of heavy drinkers and that helped them find how the body metabolizes nicotine.
  • The research revealed that the more the ratio is, the more the person will feel like having a puff.
  • Now when a person drinks, it seems to raise this ratio. The alcohol and nicotine combo is something that gives a lot of relief to the mental state of the person. 

Your Smoking Cure: If you want to stop your smoking habit, you might first have to consider- that you need to stop or rather drink less. Or else, you need to stop your urge – smoke while you drink!

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E- Cigarettes are definitely not Cigarettes!

How many of you smoke? And if so, how many of you seek pleasure from E-cigarettes? If you think they are the same- you may wanna think twice!

Another research that was conducted over the past few months caught our eyes and it is surely worth the read!

This study was conducted at Northwestern University , and they wanted to make the public understand E-cigarettes and plain cigarettes are not the same.

How much do you know about the world of cigarettes?

Sure, when you look at the name in one glance- they look almost the same- but remember - they are not substitutes!

Many people have been misguided by wrong interpretations that E- cigarettes are the same as cigarettes. 

It is true that the name often leaves us under the notion that they are the same, but it is crucial for people to understand the different characteristics between the two.

So, here it goes:

  • Understand that they are NOT interchangeable! 
  • E-cigarettes do contain nicotine and vary across brands and the device used for this purpose. 
  • The device looks very safe and therefore is gaining popularity among teens and the young crowd around the world.
  • They feel that E- cigarettes are much safer than cigarettes. So, in fact, they use this more often.
  • People should know that E-cigarettes also contains nicotine and that is still harmful for the body. 
  • The worst is nowadays, e- cigarettes are available in places that have banned the ordinary cigarettes.
  • So, the youth still can have the luxury of using the E- Cigarette.

The Contrast between Smoking and Vaping 

  • The E-cigarette is taken into the human body by using the vaping procedure. The device contains a liquid that is already with nicotine.  So, still a person is taking in nicotine, but in smaller and refined amounts.
  • But when dealing with cigarettes, the person will smoke! The person will inhale the smoke , let it travel through the lungs and finally bring it out via the windpipe.
  • So, E-cigarettes in short are cigarettes without the smoke factor. But they contain the nicotine and no combustion process takes place in due course.

The Dangerous Note: Still even if there is no smoke, the person is taking in – the same amount of nicotine into body and blood stream. This if done in excess will cause havoc to the cardiac, vascular and pulmonary sections of the body.

Plus, did you know that nicotine does play the role of a silent killer when it comes to wounds. That nicotine will delay the wound healing process. So, an e-cigarette is not that safe at all!

But why are E-Cigarettes being popularized?

Well, that is what is boiling up in your attic, I will tell you- that E-cigarettes have a bit tiny bit less intensity when compared to cigarettes- and that is why they are distributed and advertised.

This does not mean the person who vapes- is safe from the clutches of lung cancer, and whole lot of related diseases.

New Nicotine Inhalers can suppress that smoking tendency

The second research explained why you must understand the difference between the traditional cigarette and the new gen E-cigarette.

Simultaneously, there was another research that gave light to certain nicotine inhalers that actually help decrease the tendency to smoke like a chimney!

Get your share of Safe Nicotine 

  • In reality, there is absolutely nothing safe with nicotine, but such creations are a huge solace for the heavy smokers.
  • At the University of Otago , they found that people who opted to use nicotine inhalers, were able to quit the smoke urge faster than their counterparts.
  • New research pointed out that a new type of nicotine inhaler was introduced and tested upon heavy smokers. 
  • For the experiment, the participants were given either nicotine inhalers, or placebo inhalers and a nicotine patch and also some were given nicotine inhalers with a nicotine patch.
  • They noticed that those people who used the inhalers along with the patch- could control their subsequent needs of smoking. This was evidence that people who longed to stop smoking without much effort – could actually bring an end to the continual smoking tendency.
  • Still research is not quite sure why this happens- but they feel that such inhalers are giving away metered doses of nicotine. 
  • Also, such nicotine inhalers are used by people who intend to stop smoking. So, they try to refrain from taking the next session of nicotine inhalation.

Keep In Mind: So, maybe over a period of time- the body gets fine tuned to wanting only reduced amounts of nicotine. In due course, they will use inhalers with lesser doses and finally paves away for stopping from the Vice on a permanent basis.

Bring An End to Smoking This Year!!

In spite of knowing that smoking cigarettes are detrimental for health, we just still go ahead. I know this is hard, and needs a whole lot of determination. 

If you need to be healthy, you need to keep a little focus and determination up your sleeve. Get these researches into your real life, and enjoy life in a less healthy manner.