Having been acquainted with the necessary banalities of smoking, you must be giving a serious thought to the prospect of bidding goodbye to smoking. But with psycho seductive exposure to nicotine, striking comfort in the zone of 'no smoking', may be hard to come by. Given your fortitude and will power, there are scientific, medical and naturopathic measures to help you reach the desired target. There may be several ways to quit smoking, but what is required first is the will power by the addict to change himself.

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Medication to stop smoking

  • Having to stop smoking all by yourself can prove to be a daunting task, bringing in it’s a trail a series of reactions including overall irritability, nausea and dizziness.
  • In order to counter or rather balance the effects of quitting smoking, a user friendly medical approach is there to offer you it’s necessary assistance.
  • Commonly known as ‘Nicotine Replacement Therapy’ various medications leading you to quit smoking come under this category.
  • The medications designed with the purpose are supposed to reduce the addictive cravings-but the process of reduction is harnessed gradually.
  • As a matter of fact, these products with their reduced level of nicotine brings a compulsive smoker under the needful control.
  • Having effected the necessary brake on smoking, medicines similarly designed serves to fulfill the requisite wants for that missing whizz of smoking.
  • If you have not been able to effect the desired control, ‘NRT’ can help you reduce the overall dependence.
  • Particularly in the early days of smoking, if you are firmly determined these medications can help you out.

Contents and kinds of medications to help you quit smoking

  • It is to be borne in mind that medications geared to ‘NRT’ do contain nicotine, but they are free from many other harmful constituents of normal cigars including tobacco and tar.
  • They are also free from the lethal content of carbon monoxide.
  • Available in forms of tablets, micro tablets, toffees, chocolates, oral sprays, inhalers and skin patches- these are to be consumed with gradual focus on decreasing the consumed amount so that the purpose of decreased dependence on nicotine is achieved.
  • Electronic cigarettes with their increasing popularity in American and European horizon are also being offered as antidotes to tobacco smoking.
  • On account of intrinsic nicotine contents of such medicines, it will be wise considering the option of addiction.
  • But, the possibilities of addiction are less with alternative resort of quit smoking medications.
  • In case, you are keen on breaking such spells of addiction, it is easier with ‘NRT’ medications rather than that of normal cigarettes.

Treatments for quit smoking

  • Couple or more of counseling session can help you out of your smoking spree.
  • Besides being prescribed the most suitable cessation based treatment, there may be focused perspective on malefic of smoking, benefits of giving it up, case specific factors and identifications of causes which may come in the way to quitting smoking followed by effective management of those.
  • As one of the latest wonders of scientific research, painless ray of light can help you control your craving for nicotine. The light beam is so activated that the patient coming under its influence undergoes a gradual but thorough change in the rates of metabolism, so that the craving for nicotine is gradually reduced.
  • Herbal alternatives in Lobelia, Ginesig and that of Hypercium Perforatum have been found effective in reducing the withdrawal syndromes of smoking, but the applicability of the mentioned alternatives are to be embarked upon after thorough medical consultations.
  • Yoga, acupuncture and hypnotherapy have been found partially effective in encouraging smokers to quit smoking.
  • Self guided process of mental attunement can come in as an alternative therapy. You are required to list out the possible demerits of smoking.
  • Every time, you are tempted to go in for a whizz, the enlisted points are to act as reminders.
  • The step is to be followed up by the recording of time- the time by which and over which you could control your temptation.

Success rate of treatments related to quit smoking

  • Replacement therapy based on gradually reduced nicotine intake has been largely in vogue.
  • But, they are not without their necessary side effects. There are doctors and researchers doubting the credibility of such a treatment geared to nicotine replacement by means of the same.
  • In fact, the alternative means of ‘NRT’ should not be embarked upon in course of a self driven plan because some of the medications can give way to a series of complications.
  • If you want to embark on “NRT”- it is always favorable going by the advice of your medical practitioner.
  • Laser therapy seeking to help people control smoking, is still in its experimental stages.
  • Herbal treatments suggested are not applicable for all and sundry. For instance people prone to hypertension, seizure and those in pregnancy should avoid such herbal alternatives.
  • Bearing in mind the overwhelming disadvantages of smoking- the sheer fact that it is free from an iota of advantage should make you embark upon a game plan- so that you can self guide yourself to quitting smoking